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The Company That Makes Your Smart Doorbell Just Made a Smart Outdoor Lighting System

* Upgrade your home’s security the smart way 
* Painless installation features no wires or cables
* Comes with two pathlights and a Ring Bridge

The Ring doorbell revolutionized home security when it was released a few years ago, and following hot on the heels of the smart system’s success comes the next installment in the franchise: The Ring Smart Lighting. Able to shine up to 80 Lumens of powerful light onto your walkways, driveways and anywhere motion is detected.

Slightly under two feet tall, these battery-powered pathlights are your go-to solution for all things lighting. What’s more, installation is easy and setting everything up is a breeze. With no clunky wires or cables to deal with, your pathlights are designed to be installed in minutes and are able to work wirelessly. In fact, each and every light is battery powered, so there’s no cable clutter at all.

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Depending on the size and scope of your home, you can choose to group your Ring lights together to provide added brightness to a particular area or split them up and cover multiple spots around the home. Because these lights are weather-resistant, you don’t have to ever worry about them getting wet or becoming rusty over time. And when you sync them to your Ring doorbells and other devices, you can take advantage of comprehensive indoor and outdoor coverage.

100% compatible with Alexa, you can turn on the lights, adjust the brightness settings and more with the sound of your voice. What’s more, this all-inclusive starter kit comes with a Ring Bridge that connects to your other devices and can send you real-time updates, notifications and more. While this particular set comes with two Ring pathlights, you can expand your home security system with a range of other Ring lights and provide more illumination (and more coverage) to every inch in and around your home.