A Roomba Will Cost You up to $900, But This Top-Rated Robot Vacuum Is Just $90

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While it may be a worth-while investment for some, everyone’s favorite luxury robot vacuum comes with a steep price. Find out more about this Roobma alternative from Boy Genius Report below:

From BGR:
Roomba is clearly the most recognizable name in the robot vacuum cleaner market, and it also makes some of the best products out there. They’re also extremely expensive, however. Just look at the Roomba 980, which costs an eye-popping $900. It’s a great product, but spending that much money isn’t an option for most people. If you’re looking for a good alternative that costs less — 10 times less, to be exact — check out the EVERTOP Robotic Vacuum Sweeper. Currently on sale for just $89.99, this robot vacuum is perfect for regular light duty cleaning on hardwood floors, tile, and even low pile rugs.

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Thanks to built-in cliff detection sensor, this smart robot sweeper automatically turns around when it encounters stairs, walls and furniture. It’s powered by a mini vacuum, making it quiet and discreet. 

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