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Break the Snooze Cycle With the Help of a Rug Alarm

* Alarm-embedded rug shuts off only with pressure of your feet
* Snooze button-proof method of waking up
* Awake to motivational speeches available to upload direct to the rug

How many times did you hit snooze this morning? Two, maybe even three times? It’s a habit even the best of us are prone to, especially those who don’t check the “early bird” box. So that’s exactly what the inventors of the Ruggie set out to do: create an effective way to end the snooze button cycle with one very unconventional, but common sense-based product. See here, the rug alarm clock.

A nondescript-looking accent rug, it shares the look of a memory foam bath mat and is just as soft, squishy and plush. But don’t get your wet feet on this thing — it’s embedded with a digital alarm clock and wired for USB connectivity. Three AAA batteries power the rug alarm, so you can place it anywhere you need an efficient wake up.

The look of the Ruggie isn’t the only thing different from a traditional alarm — the two key strategies Ruggie employs to guarantee wake up are, too. It starts with a significantly louder alarm, one that rings at a piercing 90 to 120 decibels, and shuts off only when it’s sensed the pressure of your feet for at least three seconds, forcing you up and out of bed instead of pressing snooze in a semi-unconscious haze. An off-beat way to get up? Sure. But if you’re looking to nip a habit as deeply ingrained as the famous snooze button, some head-slapping common sense delivered with out-of-the-box thinking could just be the answer.

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