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First Look: Ruggable Just Released a Faux Hide Collection That’s Absolutely Wild

Today, August 16, Ruggable (the world’s leading machine-washable rug brand) has officially stepped foot into uncharted territory with a Faux Hide Collection that’s got us roaring.

If you’ve ever dreamed of stretching out on a tiger-fur rug but would never dream of hurting an animal, then this collection is for you.

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Courtesy of Ruggable


This is the first time Ruggable has stepped outside of square and circular formats in their new 4.5 x 6 Hide shape. You know, the shape that emulates a traditional hide rug featuring the cutout of the back of an animal’s body — all without the guilt through cushioned, medium-pile recycled/virgin polyester and polyurethane. In addition to this launch, the brand has also dropped a fresh texture mimicking animalistic furs to bring a more organic feel to each rug.

Ruggable has launched these rugs in four different patterns in ten different styles, including cheetah prints, zebra prints, cow prints and tiger prints. And, if the Hide-look shape isn’t your favorite, Ruggable is also offering these patterns in traditional shapes they already offer on-site, such as 2.5 x 7, 3 x 5, 5 x 7 and 6 x 9.

Ruggable Faux Hide Collection


In addition to machine-washability, Ruggable includes a number of characteristics that set these rugs aside from any other throw rug you have on your living room floor. Ruggable ensures all of their products are made to be tremendously durable with ability to withstand quite the beating. With both a stain and shed-resistant finish, we’re sure this is going to be a carpet you have in your home for ages on end.

Because these rugs are not made from animals in any capacity, Ruggables Faux Hide Collection finally gives the eclectic type an opportunity to rock hide prints without ever harming an animal. Consider this an excellent gift for vegans just as much as it is a paw-some gift for animal lovers.

The Faux Hide Collection at Ruggable is starting at just $149 per carpet. If you’ve always wanted a hide rug but couldn’t bear the guilt that comes along with them, now’s finally the time. Snag yours from Ruggable now.

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Courtesy of Ruggable