5 Safety Tools For Home Repair & DIY Projects

best safety tools home repair
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* How to keep your DIY projects from turning into DIY disasters
* Safety gear for ladders, power tools and more
* Plus how to avoid hammering your fingers

Safety first, especially when it comes to DIY projects and home repairs. Because no matter what state you’re in, proper safety precautions can be the difference between a cool, unique, successful project (or a disaster you don’t have to tell the neighbors about, anyway) and becoming one of those “Florida Man” style headlines. Here are some great safety hacks and products for DIY home repair projects, whether you’re building a spice rack or trying to install a giant solar panel to charge your electric Miata that runs an 11-second quarter-mile at the drag strip.

1. Anti Smashing Pliers

These thoughtfully named plastic pliers are cleverly designed to hold nails in place so you don’t smash your fingers and wind up in the emergency room for profuse bleeding.

safety pliers Image Courtesy Amazon

2. Safety Nailer

This magnetic nail holder is a simple, super effective product designed by civil engineers and produced with crowd funding help.

Safety Nailer Image Courtesy The Grommet


3. Magnetic Wrist Band

Designed to keep you from dropping things like nails, screws and even tools, this safety gadget comes in handy when working in tight spaces like car engine compartments.

magnetic tool holder wrist band Image Courtesy Amazon

4. Extension Stepladder Stop Mat

This rubber foot for your extension ladder helps keep the ladder from sliding around, making it much easier and safer for the person spotting you to keep a good grip, while preventing dangerous falls and slips.

no slip step ladder foot Image Courtesy Amazon

5. Power Equipment Safety Switch

An easy to reach electrical “kill switch” is mandated for many power machinery situations, from mills to race cars, and probably for good reason. Having one hooked up in your DIY workshop can make it that much easier to keep a mishap from turning into disaster.

Power Tool Safety Switch Image Courtesy Amazon

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