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Lock In the Lower Amazon Prime Rate Before It Goes Up for Good This Friday (Updated)

Editor’s Note: Now that Friday, February 18 has arrived, it’s too late to lock in lower Amazon Prime pricing. If you’re looking for more ways to save, be sure to check out our guides to the Best Presidents Day Sales of 2022 and the Top Daily Amazon Deals.

News of Amazon hiking the price of their Prime subscription hit the internet like wildfire, sending many into a frenzy, including us. However, a few options exist (including a secret hack) to help you lock in the current rate for the next year or two.

Beginning February 18, Amazon Prime membership will cost $139 for an annual subscription, a $20 markup from its current $119 price tag. Monthly subscribers will now pay $14.99 up from $12.99. These increases won’t go into effect until March 25 for existing members, while new subscribers will start paying the inflated price on February 18.

With these price increases looming in the near future, we figured we’d share a hack that both current and new subscribers can use to optimize the old price before it ends.

Keep scrolling to learn more about the Amazon Prime price change and ways you can save money in the future.

When Will The Price Of Amazon Prime Change?

The price changes will occur on February 18 for new Amazon Prime accounts; existing accounts will increase starting March 25.


How Can I Save Money Before The Price Of Amazon Prime Increases? 

If you’re looking to save on an Amazon Prime subscription, the time is now. Purchasing a yearly membership before the February 18 price hike goes into effect will lock in the $119 annual rate until 2023. If you’re an existing monthly subscriber and switch to a yearly subscription, you’ll also lock in the $119 rate until next year.

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How Can Existing Members Save?

If you’re an existing subscriber or looking to save in the long run, there’s also a trick to saving on an extra year of prime through Amazon’s Gift of Prime. Buying a gift subscription of Amazon Prime before the price change and then activating it when your existing subscription expires will also help you get another year at $119. 

Click HERE to sign up for Amazon Prime before the price hike!


What Does Amazon Prime Offer?

Amazon Prime offers so many benefits and recently attributed the price increase to an expansion of services throughout the plan. They currently provide unlimited free two-day shipping for many products, likely the most significant draw for many.

Amazon Prime also provides:

  • Free two-day, next-day, and even same-day shipping in some markets
  • Amazon Fresh, which offers free grocery delivery 
  • Free streaming with Prime Video and Amazon Music
  • Free access to magazines and books through Prime Reading
  • Unlimited photo storage on Amazon Photos
  • Whole Foods discounts

Check out the complete list of Amazon Prime’s offerings here.

Right now, you can also score an Amazon Music Unlimited Plan along with a Starz Plan for just $0.99. This limited-time 2-for-$1 offer and is available for new subscribers only. Adding this perk to your new Prime membership is definitely a win-win for those looking for no-limit music streaming and popular TV shows and movies such as Power, Outlander, and American Gods.

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Why Amazon Prime Is Still Worth It

The upgrade in free one-day shipping to select locations, thanks to improved logistics, is undoubtedly a great perk. There’s also an ad-free Prime music service and Amazon Photos to store and backup your most precious memories. In a recent article about the Amazon Price increase, SPY Tech Editor John Velasco shared, “Amazon is meeting a lot of different needs right now. They’re like a neighborhood general store you can turn to for all your random everyday needs, except their wares include everything from designer lingerie to gardening tools. They’re also filling the role once filled by your local bookstore, your friendly neighborhood Blockbuster (RIP), your pet shop, clothing store, and grocery store.”

Despite the increase, which may feel shocking to some, Amazon Prime remains an extremely valuable subscription service. As long as they continue to offer quick shipping, a vast product selection, groceries, movies, music, and more, it’s going to be hard to say no to this price hike.


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