Spook Your Neighbors and Celebrate a Socially-Distanced Halloween With These Spooky Decorations

scary Halloween decorations
Courtesy of The Home Depot
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So, is Halloween cancelled this year? Just like with everything else in the world, the answer to that question is a little unclear. Certainly crowded Halloween bar parties are to be avoided this year for your safety and the safety of others — but what about other Halloween traditions? There seems to be no reason why you can’t wear a costume, creep out your quarantine buddies and feel the spooky vibes of the season while still staying safe. One of the best ways to celebrate Halloween in quarantine? Decorating your house.

Scary Halloween decorations come in all shapes and sizes, all themes and levels of terrifying-ness. You can go the cobweb and spider route, the monster route, zombie route or regular ol’ Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin route. No matter what your goal is — whether it’s to provide a little Halloween fun for the neighbors or horrify everyone so they stay socially distanced from your pad — there are decorations to help you get there. We’ve pulled some options from all over the web that we believe are worth the time and financial investment this year. Here are the best scary Halloween decorations to don on your home this year in celebration of Halloween during a pandemic, making it already one of the scariest of them all.

1. 7.5ft Animated Headless Horseman

This headless horsemen is sure to turn some heads in the neighborhood as it stands 7.5ft tall making it the perfect addition to or centerpiece of your Halloween yard display. The Headless Rider holds up a flickering Jack O’Lantern and runs through standard power outlets. He has four different animatronic movements to cycle between and five different spooky sounds. He takes about 30 minutes to set up and features motion sensor activation.

headless horsemen halloween decoration, scary halloween decorations Courtesy of The Home Depot


2. 6ft Animated LED Jack-in-the-Box

This one’s just downright terrifying, which is why I chose to include it. It’s the perfect focal point for a yard that most people will safely ogle at from across the street. It has glowing red eyes for an extra scary effect and is recommended for indoor use only. It cycles between five different scary sounds and has two different movements. It runs on plug-in power and takes about a half hour to setup start to finish. Let’s be real, clowns are terrifying and this motion sensor-activated one will make sure that neighbors walk a little quicker in front of your house.

animated halloween jack-in-the-box, scary halloween decorations Courtesy of The Home Depot


3. 116 in. Pirate Ship With Steering Wheel

Anything spookier than a foreign ship approaching in the distance? This one is a big vessel for your yard and a larger investment, but the quality of décor and built-in effects makes it worth it. It has a skeleton captain who moves the steering wheel, accent LED decorations, and despite being large it’s made of lightweight plastic that’s easy to set up. It has one movement and runs on plug-in power. It’ll take about 45 minutes to setup due to it’s size, but it’ll do the trick when it comes to spooky Halloween fun.

animated pirate ship, scary halloween decorations Courtesy of The Home Depot


4. 3 ft. Spookytown Monster and Bride Halloween Yard Decor

Aren’t these two just a match made in heaven? This monster and his bride will graciously greet your guests in your front yard with lights built in and slightly friendly smiles on your faces. They’ll give your yard that spooky glow without being too scary, and they’ve got a sturdy metal frame that’s durable enough to last through the colder weather of fall. They’ve got built-in LEDs that are pre-lit from the inside and your couple comes with ground stakes and spare bulbs for keeping them in tip top shape. They’ve also got water and fade-resistant fabric so they’re perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

monster and bride halloween decor, scary halloween decorations Courtesy of The Home Depot


5. 3.5 ft. Mickey Mouse in Vampire Costume Halloween Inflatable

It’s Mickey, but just a bit scarier. This vampire Mickey blow-up is one of the easiest things to set up. All it takes is plugging it in and staking it to the ground in case of some wind — and you’ve got a friendly and slightly spookier familiar Disney character to greet everyone who passes by your yard. He’s got LED lights built-in for an illuminated display and can be used indoor or outdoor. It has an adaptor fan for powering the inflation and white LEDs for the glow. Mickey is also only 3.5 ft. tall, so he’ll work great in smaller front yards, porches or places without a ton of space. Oh, and there’s a matching Minnie too.

Mickey inflatable decoration, scary halloween decorations Courtesy of The Home Depot


6. 30.5 in. Halloween Lit-Up BOO Sign

If you want to take it back to basics, “BOO” is a great bet. This LED-lit Halloween sign is the perfect greeter for a porch, yard or mantle inside your home. The LED lights will all stay lit even if one goes out mid-season, and the sign has a durable construction of a wire frame surrounded by tinsel. It also features a bat for a spooky touch, and is ultra-weather resistant.

Halloween BOO lit-up sign, scary halloween decorations Courtesy of The Home Depot


7. 3.35 ft. Harvest Pumpkin Halloween Inflatable

Another pumpkin option is this full harvest of decorations with energy-efficient LEDs and a variety of jolly, smiling Jack O’ Lanterns. It’s an inflatable, meaning it’s also one of the easier Halloween decorations you can own. All it takes is plugging it in and letting the fans do their work, and staking it to the ground afterwards. The decoration also comes with tethers for making sure the pumpkins stay proud an on display even in rougher weather.

harvest pumpkin inflatable decoration, scary halloween decorations Courtesy of The Home Depot


8. 3.5 ft. Green Oogie Boogie Halloween Inflatable

Continuing on the inflatable decoration train, we’ve got Oogie Boogie. This classic character from The Nightmare Before Christmas can come to life right in your own backyard easily after being staked to the ground and plugged in. He’s lit up by bright LEDs that are energy-efficient, so you won’t be paying a fortune in power bills in order to power your Halloween fun.

inflatable halloween oogie boogie decoration, scary halloween decorations Courtesy of The Home Depot


9. 3.5 ft. Lighted Ghost Halloween Inflatable

This inflatable ghost is more cute than scary, but I couldn’t help myself. Everything needed to set up and install him is included in the box, and he self-inflates in seconds making him easy to put up and take down. Keep it simple this Halloween and go the ghost route with this adorably on-theme ghost.

inflatable ghost, scary halloween decorations Courtesy of Lowe's


10. Life Sized Animated Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice fans anyone? This life sized Beetlejuice character comes licensed directly from the move and speaks lines from the film as part of his character. He’s lit up, battery-powered, and will be sure to bring the creepy vibes to your yard. Place him on the porch as your signature greeter or mix in a few other classic Halloween characters for a de facto gathering of everyone’s favorite spooky characters in your front yard.

Beetlejuice life sized decoration, scary Halloween decorations Courtesy of Lowe's


11. SnowCinda Scary Giant Spider Decoration

You’d have to be pretty stoic to not at least take pause at this giant spider creeping on someone’s front yard. It has a furry black body, long spindly legs and those blood red beady eyes that are sure to stir up some fright amongst anyone who walks by your yard. It measures out at about 6.6 ft. and is super lightweight and very easy to move. It has flexible legs that can be folded up for easy storage, and can easily hook onto other things for an even greater decorative effect.

scary halloween spider decoration, scary halloween decorations Courtesy of Amazon


12. Fake Bloody Human Hands

Dismembered limbs had to appear somewhere on this list, as they’re a pivotal decoration for Halloween and can get pretty spooky the more realistic they are. These look pretty real and are perfect for an indoor or outdoor Halloween setup where you need some gory effects to really tie the whole effect together. They’re made of environmentally-friendly rubber with blood and flesh colors, and the package comes with left and right hands.

fake human body parts, scary Halloween decorations Courtesy of Amazon


13. 13.94 ft. Hanging Ghost Decoration

One thing’s for certain, you want to center your decorations around the entrance to your house so people know to think twice before coming in. This hanging ghost decoration is definitely spooky and frames the entrance to your house perfectly. Make a dark corner a super dark corner under the cloak of this ghostly figure that can be easily hung above your door, on a tree, on a porch or even in your veranda. The kit comes with the ghost mask and the big polyester cloth, both of which are easy to set up and take down.

halloween ghost hanging decoration, scary halloween decorations Courtesy of Amazon


14. 71″ Animated Talking Witch

This animated witch walks, talks and will be sure to creep out any space that she’s in. She’s life size which is scary enough and also has glowing eyes for an even more freaky effect. She runs on AA batteries and has pre-loaded phrases that include “Beware!” “Boo!” “You’re not scared, are you?” and of course, a nice cackling laugh. This high-quality decoration is sure to become a signature piece in your decoration closet and is built to last for years.

life size animated talking witch, scary Halloween decorations Courtesy of Amazon


15. Cauldron Creeper Animated Halloween Decoration

It wouldn’t be Halloween without some sort of creepy potion in a cauldron. This cauldron stirrer will add a scary feel to your yard or room, depending on whether you choose to put it indoors or outdoors. The skeleton stirs the cauldron wearing tattered, shredded gauze outfit with flames cooking the mysterious potion underneath. The PVC head features a hinged jaw and details on the hands and chest that add to the authenticity of the look. This decoration plugs into any standard power outlet and you can choose between steady-on, step here or infra-red sensor activation in the settings.

cauldron creeper decoration, scary Halloween decorations Courtesy of Walmart