Tools for School: 10 Top Classroom Essentials for Talented Teachers

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* Special product guide for teachers
* Gear up for school with these classroom essentials
* Ideas that parents can take home

Teachers are the people with the future under their wing. Charged with educating the young on everything from fractions to not being factitious, we’re saluting their efforts with a special product guide of ten classroom essentials to make learning more fun and effective. If you’re a parent reading this, the items seen here certainly translate to home use, too.

1. Wipe Off Notebook Paper

Save a few trees and make classroom demos easier with the use of these oversized wipe-off notebook sheets. They use the same markers as a whiteboard.

Wipe-Off Notebook Paper Image Courtesy of Quill


2. Handwriting Paper Wipe Off Chart

Break down the fine points of good penmanship with a well-marked handwriting chart. The large size and three different line types on wipeable material allows for quick corrections.

Wipe-Off handwriting Chart Image Courtesy of Quill


3. Class Schedule Chart

Keep everyone on the same page with the help of a class schedule chart. Large enough for students to see from their desks, consider it ground control for each day’s activities and assignments.

Class Schedule Chart Image Courtesy of Quill


4. 100 Ones Place Values Discs

Bring a new visual dimension to teaching math with these fun discs, color coded according to place value. The foam discs allow students to visually track what happens when they regroup numbers in both addition and subtraction.

100s Place Value Discs Image Courtesy of Quill


5. Name Plate Pockets

Never forget a name that first week back with these handy name plate pockets. They’re also great for labeling items, areas of the classroom and any other student necessity.

Name Tag Pocket Image Courtesy of Quill


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6. Language Development Speech Mirrors

These lightweight portable mirrors allow students to observe their mouth movements as they speak, a key tool for kids in speech therapy, but also helpful when learning new and difficult vocabulary.

Speech Mirror Image Courtesy of Quill


7. Ruled Tablet Flip Chart

This ruled tablet flip chart comes in extra heavy bleed resistant sheets, so your young charges can practice writing or taking notes in an easy and effortless manner.

Rule Tablet Flip Chart Image Courtesy of Quill


8. Answer Buzzers

Turn quizzes into fun, interactive games with the use of answer buzzers. The colorful rounds are battery powered and feature four fun sounds: a honk, doorbell, boxing bell and “boing!”

Answer Buzzers Image Courtesy of Quill


9. Inspirational Posters

Buoy morale while keeping valuable life lessons top-of-mind with a few motivational posters around the classroom.

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10. Visual Timer and Clock

Employ this cheerful visual timer and clock to help kids learn to manage their play time, homework, music practice and more.

Visual Timer and Clock Image Courtesy of Quill