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Treat Your Kitten Like Royalty With This Cat Castle

* Plush purple cushions are both soft and machine washable
* Scratching posts made from natural fibers
* A cat condo fit for a king (or queen)

Treat your cat like the prince or princess that they are with this scratching castle from Trixie. Ideal for indoor cats who get bored and lonely while their owner is away, this cat castle provides endless entertainment for your furry friends. Built with luxuriously soft plush fabric, it comes with a cushioned bed and a cushioned perch up top.

The scratching posts are made from natural sisal, a stiff fiber that derives from the Mexican agave plant. Sisal has been proven to release stress, promote scratching skills and doesn’t snag your kitten’s nails like other fibers. Weighing only 33-pounds, this castle also won’t topple over under your kitten’s weight.

Your cat will stay content batting, scratching and pulling at the flag filled with rustling foil and the dangling pom pom. Tired after all that playing? Your pet can snooze in the small lower-level enclave. In fact, the bed can be removed and used as a separate toy or portable resting spot. The two cushions are easy to wash, so they can stay clean and soft for years to come.

Measuring 35 inches in height, this Cat Castle is ideal for kittens or smaller breed cats. Pick one up today to treat your pampered pet to a truly royal experience.

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