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These 6 Security Door Locks Instantly Enhance Security — Starting at $16

There are a lot of smart home devices such as cameras and video doorbells that can help keep your home safe. They’re a good deterrent, but the catch is that these devices cannot stop someone from entering your home. To prevent a forced entry attempt, it’s a good idea to invest in physical security that makes a break-in more difficult. If your front door isn’t secure enough, a security door lock is a great option.

Deadbolts go a long way to keeping your home safe, but they’re not perfect. One of the significant limitations of a deadbolt isn’t the lock itself but what it’s attached to. If the strike plate on your door is small or not very well secured, it could become detached from the doorframe with enough force. The strike plate is the metal piece that connects to the door frame. One way to improve your front door’s security is by replacing your old strike plate with something more extensive and sturdier.

In addition to securing your front door with improved hardware, you can invest in a security door lock. These are auxiliary locks that attach to the inside of your door. They’re easy to open from the inside, but they add extra safety to your home.

Some security door locks and portable travel locks can also be used on interior doors that don’t have locks. Suppose you share an apartment with multiple people or want to ensure a little extra privacy. In that case, a security door lock can be used on interior doors without replacing your hardware or needing a keyed lock. These can also be useful in keeping children safe from entering rooms they shouldn’t be in.

We’ve rounded up some reinforcement security locks, which we’ve assessed based on reviews, features and brand reputation. Check out some options below.


1. Defender Security U 11126 Door Reinforcement Lock


This simple solution is designed to attach to the inside of the door frame to add extra security to your home. It’s easy to open from the inside but very difficult to access from the outside, making for an excellent solution for at-home use. It can also help secure doors that young children may be able to reach. It’s worth noting that this solution can only be secured from the inside; you won’t be able to use it if no one is home.

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2. Addalock the Original Portable Door Lock


Addalock is one of the most clever yet simple solutions for securing doors. It’s small and weighs 4.2 ounces, so it’s designed to take on the go. If you’re staying at a bed and breakfast or room with limited security, this door lock can help you maintain privacy by attaching to the inside of the strike plate to prevent the door from being opened from the outside.

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3. Defender Security U 11316 Swing Bar Door Guard


Another option for securing your door while inside the home is this door guard from Defender. It comes in satin nickel, chrome, bronze and brass finishes to suit any door. It’s designed to prevent the door from opening fully from the outside, but it can be easily opened from the inside, and the design will likely be familiar to anyone who has stayed in a hotel.


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4. Lockly Vision Smart Lock


Most of the products on this list are affordable security tools that can instantly enhance your security, but we wanted to include at least one high-tech alternative. The Lockly Vision combines the best features of a smart lock and a video doorbell into a single product. The keypad also places numbers in random positions so that no one can learn the combination simply by watching you.

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5. Cal Security Patio Door Double Bolt Lock


It’s essential to ensure your home is secured at multiple potential entry points, including patio doors, back doors and windows. This door lock is specifically designed for securing sliding patio doors.

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6. Prime-Line Reinforcing Plate


This is not a reinforcement lock, but it is a great way to make your existing door more secure. It secures to the door itself, reinforcing a potential weak spot. It has holes for the latches and bolts as well as the knob. It won’t work with every door, so you’ll need to measure the parts of your door beforehand.

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