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See Why These Are The Best-Selling California Bed Sheets On The Market

Finding sheets when you have a California king-size bed can be a headache, but a solid sheet set is something that can’t be overlooked on a nightly basis. Often, the sheets don’t truly fit this bed’s unique dimensions, and they sell out of stores fast.

Plus, that selection can feel even more difficult when you’re buying online, and can’t decipher between what sheets are the coolest, the warmest, or the softest. When you can finally get your hands on a sheet set that’s comfortable for your distinct needs and high in quality, the price tag can be steep.

Still, getting quality sleep is essential to our health. It’s something that we just can’t sacrifice. That’s why we scoured the internet for the best-reviewed and coziest sheets in a range of fabrics, weaves, and prices – so you don’t have to. We sought out a range of world-renowned bedding companies and equally reputable (though lesser-known) brands that had online customers raving about their new California king bed sheets. Simplify your shopping process and get that REM sleep you deserve by scrolling below and finding your favorite material.


Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set


Brooklinen is the heavyweight champ of cotton sheets, in any finish you might desire. But there’s a reason why this silky sheet set, dubbed the Luxe Core, is their #1 best-selling offering. With a sateen weave as smooth as butter, these sheets feature a 480-thread count and a finish that Brooklinen describes as “slightly luminous.” Consumers love the attention to detail on this brand’s products – even their matching king-sized pillowcases feature an envelope closure to keep pillows in place.

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Courtesy of Brooklinen

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The Purple Sheets


Purple hasn’t just perfected the mattress game – they’ve engineered some fantastic bamboo sheets as well, with just a tiny dose of spandex so that it can fit a wider range of mattresses. Purple reviewers leave helpful testimonies like, “Without a doubt these are the most comfortable sheets I’ve ever used anywhere. They are soft and really live up to the billing of helping regulate temperature while sleeping. Plus they really lay smooth when making the bed so they look great and it’s a great feeling when crawling into bed. Very luxurious.”

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Courtesy of Purple

Target Room Essentials Solid Jersey Sheet Set


For those who don’t prefer silky or cool-to-the-touch fabrics, jersey is a popular alternative. It’s also an option that many children love. Often described as feeling like your most washed-in old tee, jersey sheets are extremely cozy, and they don’t get more affordable than this set from Target. In the words of one shopper: “Great fit, soft texture and dry fast.” When it comes to comfort and value, you can’t go wrong.

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Courtesy of Target

Blue Nile Mills 1200-Thread Count Cotton Deep Pocket Sheet Set


These high thread count sheets by Blue Niles Mill might have a bit of a higher price tag than some would prefer, 1200-thread cotton is well worth it, as are the deep pockets in this well-made, solid sheet set. They work well in both modern and traditional homes, with one Target reviewing leaving this praise, “My 1200 TC sheets are absolutely amazing. Once you get in bed it’s hard to get out and yes, you can count on a great night sleep.” The fabric is described as slight, soft, and silky.

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Courtesy of Target


CGK Unlimited California King Size Sheet Set


For under $35.00, it seems insane that these California King bedsheets have such a cult-like following as indicated by their Amazon reviews, calling the feel of the sheets ”superb” and “very soft” with the perfect level of thickness. Another perk is the deep pockets, which ensure your sheets won’t be sliding around in the middle of the night. They’re constructed from a premium microfiber fabric that never feels cheap, and doesn’t wrinkle. Unlike some other microfiber options on the market, they’re extremely breathable.

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Courtesy of Amazon


LilySilk 19 Momme Silk Sheets


Nothing looks sexier on a California king than a set of smooth, 100% silk sheets. The combination of the two screams luxury, so you don’t want to cheap out on silk quality. Low-quality silk will unravel in a short amount of time, but LilySIlk’s product is 19 momme, which is one of the highest grades of silk. Ideal for summers and hot climates, silk sheets keep your body cool and make for a beautifully fine surface that has health benefits like preventing wrinkles and removing blemishes. Available in a variety of colors.

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Courtesy of Amazon

S Victory Symbol 100% French Natural Linen Sheet Set


Although it’s a controversial fabric for some, linen remains a top contender in bedding and offers a rustic aesthetic that many buyers enjoy. This anti-static bedding is also bacteria-resistant, moisture-wicking, and highly breathable. It’s also ideal for people with allergies and skin diseases or sensitivity, along with kids and infants. Linen sheets have a unique softness that improves with every wash. They age very well and also help your skin age well.

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Courtesy of Amazon

Boll & Branch Flannel Solid Sheet Set


Flannel sheets have that innate coziness that just makes you want to cocoon yourself in them and hibernate. They also tend to stay on large beds like a Cal king better than microfiber and sateen alternatives. No one does flannel sheets better than respected company Boll & Branch, which offers a matte and slightly napped ultra-soft flannel sheet. Reviewers love how accurately they fit large beds. The feel is snuggly with a weighty feel, but it’s versatile for all seasons.

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Courtesy of Amazon

LL Bean 280-Thread Count Pima Cotton Percale Sheet Set


Cotton sheets are never suffocating, and pima cotton percale (long-staple cotton yarns) have the most decadent feel when it comes to subtypes of cotton. Percale’s feel is best for those who prefer a cool feel when sleeping. One reviewer bought these “smooth, crisp and comfortable” sheets after her second set of department-store bed sheets became “thin and thread bare”. They have durable construction, but unlike some sheets, don’t sacrifice any softness in the process.

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Coyuchi 300-Thread Count Organic Percale Sheets


Coyuchi offers the lightweight, clean feel of percale while helping you save the environment. This eco-friendly company uses Fair Trade Certified companies and is constructed from 100% cotton materials. They’re also MADE SAFE, which means they’re totally void of toxins that can hurt humans, animals, or ecosystems. The quality exceeded expectations for most sleepers, based on their reviews. Never sleep humid again with Coyuchi’s sheets, which come in an attractive array of subtle colors like Laurel and Quartz that’ll freshen up any bedroom.

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Courtesy of Coyuchi