Finally, A Board Game For Brainiacs (Of All Ages)

set board game buy
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* This board game provides family fun
* It helps to exercise the brain and encourage critical thinking
* You can even play it solo

We all grew up playing board games- Monopoly, Uno, Risk, Life, and while they’re fun, they’re also not exactly brain fuel. Many are more games of luck and chance than skill.

Change up family game night with SET, a winner of over 35 best game awards. SET is a game where you collect sets of three cards that belong together, based on color, shape or number of shapes, and the person with the most sets wins.

set board game buy

You can even play it solo, for hours of brain-challenging fun. The game is designed to exercise your mind, and help build spacial relation, logical reasoning and critical thinking skills. This is why it makes a great game for younger children too – age isn’t an advantage, as only the fastest, sharpest player wins.

The cards are also small enough that you can travel with them, providing hours of entertainment at airports or restaurants. The game only lasts twenty to thirty minutes, so even if you’re playing with small children (or adults) with short attention spans, everyone can stay engaged and get involved. If you can’t get enough of the game, you can even download their app off of iTunes.

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