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This Shower Curtain Lets You Use All Your Gadgets While You Shower

* We found the best way to use devices while showering
* Never get bored in the shower or bath again
* No finicky installation or cases required

You’re in the shower and you hear your phone ringing in the bedroom. You’re in the shower jamming to new JT and that terrible song from 2009 starts playing. You’re in the shower and you’re just standing there not watching Game of Thrones. These are just a few nightmare situations that we have to endure on a regular basis when trying to stay entertained as we bathe.

There have been many semi-successful attempts to remedy this problem with waterproof phone and tablet cases and shower wall mounts, but we just found a new product that’s much better than anything we’ve seen so far. It’s this

, which is genius because it’s way simpler (and more reliable) than a sticky mount or shelf, and it fits multiple devices of all sizes. There’s no finicky installation required – just hang it up like any shower curtain and drop your device in when you step in the shower. Plus with multiple pockets you get the ability to multitask while you bathe (i.e. Netflix on one screen and texts on another).

The curtain is made of heavy duty, non-toxic EVA plastic, so you can shower-assured that you’re devices are safe.