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This 118-Nozzle Shower Head Goes from Mist to Massage

* Four adjustable water modes
* 118 high-efficiency nozzles + 6 high-powered jets
* Ranges from gentle mist to invigorating massage 

Shower heads are one of those aspects of the modern world where reality so often fails to live up to expectations. The massaging shower head, the rain shower head and the handheld shower head all promise the luxury hydrating experience of a relaxing spa or fine hotel, but often the resulting mix of confusing ergonomics turns the luscious spa experience into a tepid, frustrating spritz.

However, there are some options on the market that actually do live up to the warm, relaxing rainfall of the legendary luxury shower head. The Rectangular Quad Shower Head from AKDY aims to be a shower head for all seasons, delivering a highly customizable yet reliable personal luxury waterfall. A two-way water diverter ensures even pressure to all 118 of its individual high-efficiency nozzles. Powered by six high-powered jets, the device allows a range of shower options, from ambient mist to vigorous massage.

Along with the rectangular fixed shower head, which benefits from broad coverage, the AKDY 9” also comes with an attached wand. The wand is accessible with the flick of a switch and clicks satisfyingly into place. It’s nicely weighted, too, so that you can switch from overhead to hand held showering with ease. The wand has 60 nozzles and a waterfall outlet and builds pressure nicely, unlike a lot of handheld shower heads which lose water pressure.

Great for couples, the shower head is easy to adjust and switch back and forth between modes. A threaded steel hose allows for easy hand adjustment and tightening and installation is easy as well.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing steam in the shower, or want a more vigorous, hand-held experience, the Rectangular Quad Shower Head promises exactly the amount of pressure and coverage you desire.

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