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Lived-In Review: I Slept Better and Recovered Faster With Signature Sleep’s Reset Nanobionic Mattress

* Hit the reset button and experience your best sleep
* Features Nanobionic technology to restore and aid in recovery as you sleep
* Made with 4 distinctive layers that boasts superior comfort and quality

We all know the importance of getting enough shut eye. According to a Harvard University study, sleep plays a critical role in immune function, metabolism, memory and learning (to name a few). There are several key factors to ensure a good night’s rest, like eliminating caffeine before bed, making sure the room is at the right temperature, and of course, your mattress. From firmness, quality and size, having the right mattress makes all the difference.


With my old mattress, I found myself tossing and turning throughout the night and I’d wake up with a stiff back (no surprise there). I needed a new mattress bad, but I also didn’t want to spend hundreds on one that would only leave me tired, achy and cranky. I discovered Signature Sleep Reset Nanobionic Mattress and was impressed by its one-of-a-kind features. One that stood out most was their patented Nanobionic technology which converts body heat into infrared light for a deeper, more effective sleep.

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Basically, Nanobionic (regulated by the U.S. FDA) is a high-tech patented coating that transforms body heat into Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and reflects them back to the body. FIR are invisible waves of energy that can soothe and stimulate our bodies resulting in a temporary increase in local blood flow for restful sleep and faster recovery. Sounds impressive, right? I wanted to put it to the test.

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For the past three weeks, I’ve been sleeping on the Signature Sleep Reset Nanobionic Mattress and hello, well-rested me. For the first time in a very long time, I found myself sleeping throughout the night—uninterrupted! I also started yoga again and noticed my sore muscles healed slightly faster than they normally would. Coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe it’s the Nanobionic technology working its magic? But because I’m sleeping better, my body is healing faster.



Outside of all the science-y stuff, the Signature Sleep Reset Nanobionic Mattress is just plain comfortable and decadently plush. It’s made with four distinctive layers: the first is a charcoal and gel-infused memory foam layer, which provides a cooler sleeping surface to regulate body temperature, followed by a layer of natural Talalay that allows for superior airflow. The core of the mattress is made with independently-encased coils that minimize motion transfer and help relieve pressure for a more restful sleep. Lastly, there’s the pillow-top layer, which features the innovative Nanobionic technology.

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I haven’t gone back to my old mattress and I don’t plan to. The Reset Nanobionic Mattress is everything I could ask for: it keeps me cool and comfortable and most importantly, I can finally sleep soundly throughout the night. If you (or a loved one) are in the market for a new mattress or simply looking to hit the reset button on your not-so-healthy sleeping patterns, you might want to consider the Signature Sleep Reset Nanobionic Mattress. There’s nothing quite like a good night’s rest. And the best part? It’s designed for the whole family—take your pick from Twin, Full, Queen and King size.

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