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Bring Some Classic Italian Art Into Your Life With This Fornasetti Candle

* Classic and whimsical design features Italian soprano Lina Cavalieri
* Made of 100 percent vegetal wax
* Can be used as jar for decor or flowers after candle is burned away

20th century painter, engraver, and sculptor Piero Fornasetti was known for his detailed and creative depictions of opera singer Lina Cavalieri. His work often featured illustrations of her face amid whimsical urban and natural subjects. Today, Fornasetti’s designs are seen on furniture, kitchen ware, household appliances and home decor. Although Fornasetti died in 1988, his son Barnaba continues his legacy, by printing his father’s classic and romantic designs on objects that are sold and beloved around the world.

This “Silenzio” candle from Fornasetti fills the room with the brand’s signature “Otto” scent, with notes of lavender, cedarwood, birch and thyme. Cavalieri’s captivating expression and big eyes conjure a double take from anyone in her presence. On one side of the candle, Cavalieri has her finger up to her mouth in a “shushing” gesture; on the other side, she is giving a mysterious wink.

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Hand-poured from 100% vegetal wax, the candle has a 60 hour burn time. It comes with a fitted lid adorned with an illustration of a serpent. Use this candle as an accent piece in your living room or foyer. Then, use the jar as a fanciful vase or place it on a bookshelf or side table as decor once the candle is burned away.

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