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A Chandelier That’s As Stunningly Visual As It Is Practical

* Eye-catching petal chandelier boasts modern design
* Intelligent design maximizes light diffusion and removes glare
* Made from brushed aluminum

Add an air of elegance to your home with this classy petal chandelier. A great way to create a calming atmosphere, the stunning lamp is ideal for those who wish to keep the illumination of a standard light fixture but without any of the associated glare. The chandelier’s clever design helps to pushes light through a number of slanted openings so that you’ll never be bothered by the intensity of the central light source.

Capable of elevating the mood and ambiance no matter its location, the petal chandelier would be a great addition to a lounge or dining area. Made of individual brushed metal petals, this gorgeous piece comes with the choice of silver and white. It is also available in a variety of sizes, although we think the 24-inch model is ideal for most spaces.

Whether you think of yourself as an interior design pro or you are just searching for an outstanding modern light fixture, your guests won’t help but notice how striking this unique looking lamp is. Imagine an extravagant dinner party or classy business occasion with this chandelier providing not only light, but a focal point for everyone to enjoy and discuss.

While a standard lamp shade can provide your required indoor light, this stunning petal chandelier takes it a step further, adding a beautifully layered construction that’s sure to enhance your dinner, your conversation and your night.

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