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The Best Silver Platters for Eating on the Couch

I don’t care what anyone says — eating on your sofa does not mean you’re lazy. It means you’re a total badass who loves comfort. And who says you must sit at a dining table to enjoy your food anyway?

For me, eating is all about happiness, and doing so on your sofa is definitely a cozy privilege for a self-sufficient adult.

To make the sofa or bed eating (don’t judge) experience even better, put your meals on a beautiful antique silver platter. It feels a bit bourgeoisie, but hear us out: it elevates the way to nosh.

A silver platter adds an air of class and elegance and provides a stable surface to chow down on favorite foods while sitting in pretty much any location.

Dining on a silver platter instantly feels posh. And although it may feel like an incredibly luxe item for home dining, antique silver platters or even new ones are quite affordable.

That said, there are lots of silver platter options to choose from. If you’re going for a vintage vibe, you could easily snag an antique platter from a reseller like eBay, Etsy, or Poshmark. For a more modern feel, Amazon or Wayfair have an array of great silver platters for sale.

Because of their classic look and tone, silver platters effortlessly fit into any home aesthetic and can even give your home a more refined look and feel if you choose to use them as a display piece between uses.

The best silver platters serve a multitude of purposes. They can be used as an individual use tray, serving platter, or even a cheeseboard to create charcuterie displays.

If you’ve been searching for food trays for your home, this is your sign to purchase a new silver platter.

Check out some of my favorites below.

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This rectangular silver platter is perfect for individual dining or group serving. It measures 17-1/2″ x 10-1/2″, features two handles for easy carrying, and is highlighted with scrollwork trim around the perimeter. The gorgeous design will look great anywhere, and the best part is that it has an alloy steel finish that never needs to be polished.


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If you’re feeling fancy, go all out with an antique serving platter. Designed with intricate scrollwork patterns throughout, this serving tray measures 14.25″ in diameter. An ornate one-off, it comes vintage from the 1910s, allowing you to eat in aristocratic style from your sofa, bed, and beyond. Sold in good pre-owned condition with free shipping, this silver-plated beauty is sure to sell out quickly.


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Designed with unique silver leaf handles, this oval tray is ideal for eating on your couch, in your bed, or serving at your dining room table. The intricate decorative handles make it easy to transport from room to room, while the durable nickel-plated design is shiny and elegant enough for any occasion.

Although it arrives in brand new condition, this decorative silver serving platter has all the hallmarks of an antique server, thanks to its beautiful handmade detailing. The 14.5″ x 9.8″ inch size makes it a great multifunctional option to serve tea, coffee, sandwiches, and more, and there are easy-carry handles for fuss-free transporting.