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Simplehuman’s New X-Frame Hamper Is Equal Parts Sleek & Functional

If you’ve ever owned a simplehuman trash can, we don’t have to tell you how well made and durable they are. Now, just imagine for a moment having that same craftsmanship in other home products, such as laundry hampers. We know, it sounds amazing, right?

Well, as luck would have it, the brand recently released a new laundry hamper — and it’s definitely all you could ever imagine and more. With this new product launch, simplehuman has notably applied their quality-first principles to bring us the x-frame laundry hamper.

A far cry from the flimsy, collapsing, fraying hamper currently taking up space in your laundry, bedroom, or closet, simplehuman has totally reinvented the wheel by producing a product that will hold your soiled clothing with ease and last for years.

Given their long-standing reputation in the smart living space, simplehuman was more than up for the challenge since they were already equipped with the blueprint when it comes to creating quality products. Entering in 2000, simplehuman has designed and created innovations that have made life simpler to navigate for many. In addition to award-winning trash cans, the brand has brought us sensor mirrors, and other kitchen and bath accessories that are equal parts sleek, smart, functional, and reliable.

Crafted of sturdy chrome and recycled gray polyester, the x-frame laundry hamper, released on August 29, has undoubtedly been built with the same approach as the other products within simplehuman’s portfolio.


simplehuman x-frame Hamper

simplehuman hamper



The inner compartment of the x-frame features an odor-resistant inner coating and is notably reinforced with heavy gauge steel bars to prevent buckling, even when packed full of dirty clothes. It additionally offers durable steel handles so you can easily remove the bag and tote it to and from the laundry room as needed.

All-in-all, this product release is a great move for simplehuman — and even better for those of us who love the brand.


simplehuman x-frame Hamper

simplehuman hamper

This model is available for purchase on and comes as a single for $120 or a double for $160. With the purchase, you also get free shipping with a shipment date of September 2-6.