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This Sine Swag Pendant Light is the Wave of the Future in Decor Lighting

* Modern pendant light by Hungarian designer, Miklos Leits
* Offers soft, even light
* Unique, inviting and artistic presence

The Sine Swag Pendant Light may just be the wave of the future when it comes to overhead lighting. This beautiful modern lampshade was designed by Miklos Leits, known for his authentic, innovative and imaginative decor. With a silhouette that varies markedly depending on the angle at which its viewed, the Sine Swag pendant light is endlessly intriguing and adds a soothing and visually harmonious presence to any room.

This pendant light goes well in creative spaces and offices, and is especially well-suited for dining rooms which feature elements of mid-century modern or Scandinavian modern design and furniture. It offers soft and inviting light thanks to its irregular shape, so it’s ideal for spaces used to entertain guests.

Its sine wave shape is a unique and eye-catching statement piece, making it one of the few lighting elements that is visually interesting enough to be the centerpiece of a room’s decor on its own. Both elegant and cozy, the Sine Swag light takes an ordinary 60W bulb with an E26 socket and turns this household fixture into an artistic statement.

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