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6 Alternatives to the Old School Duster

* Rethink the way you clean with these innovative duster alternatives
* Clean hard-to-reach places with ease
* Remove dirt, dust and debris in your home, kitchen, car interior and more

For years, the old school duster has been a staple household item. And we can see why: It can clean hard-to-reach, dust-ridden places with very little effort, but its outdated technology means it creates more of a mess than it actually picks up. If you’re in the market for effective and easy-to-use tools for a clean home, office, car and everything in between, we’ve uncovered 6 innovative alternatives to the old school duster.

1. Ladybug Portable Vacuum

This Ladybug Portable Vacuum was designed to catch the little messes we make – cookie crumbs, eraser shavings, coffee ground, etc. Lightweight and playful, this hand-size vaccum is kids-friendly so it’s easy to get them involved when it comes to cleaning their desks, around the kitchen or living room.


2. Minidoka Sheepskin Duster

Made with premium quality Australian lambswool, this wool duster is ideal for light dusting and reaching into small or hard-to-reach places. From your living room to your car interior, its convenient 12 inch handle means fuss-free dusting anytime.


3. Long Reach Flexible Duster

Now you can reach tight spaces between and under heavy household items like washing machines, shelves and refrigerator with ease thanks to the Long Reach Flexible Duster from B+W.

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4. Disposable Compressed Gas Duster

With just a spray, you’ll instantly remove dust on keyboards, computer screens, printers, scanners and more. The Dust-Off compressed air safely and quickly blows away loose dust, dirt and lint from virtually any surface and is 100% ozone safe.


5. Multipurpose Microfiber Car Duster Brush 2-Piece Kit

Crafted from super soft and antibacterial microfiber, this versatile duster sucks up dirt and dust without scratching or leaving any lint behind. Its long durable stainless steel telescopic rod easily extends to 34.3 inches to clean high, difficult spots; and can be retracted down to 28.7 inches for simple storage. The 2-piece kit includes a duster, dash duster and storage pouch. It can be used wet or dry.


6. Car Vacuum Cleaner

Powerful and quiet, the Car Vacuum Cleaner from Hotor offers a multi-functional cleaning solution with 3 attachments and power cord to clean hard-to-reach area no matter if it’s wet or dry. It comes with a zippered carrying case so you can neatly store your cleaner in the garage or in the back of your car when not in use.


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