Sky Mall Hall of Fame: The 8 Craziest Products From Everyone’s Favorite Airplane Catalog

skymall hands free hair dryer
Image courtesy of Skymall

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* Sky Mall may have gone online but you can still buy its mile-high products
* From Rube Goldberg-worthy bathroom inventions to trick salad bowls
* Find the craziest gems from a company famous for selling a Yeti statue

For years, the Sky Mall catalog was for many of us one of the most endearing aspects of flying: there was something uniquely soothing about its crazy array of products ranging from nifty organizers to outlandish garden decor. Pair with an in-flight cocktail and it offered easily enough entertainment to get you through the wait for takeoff and the lull between rounds of the snack cart.

And best of all, unlike the massaging seats and sleep masks some airlines offer, Sky Mall was available in coach, too. While it may not be a printed catalog anymore, having gone the way of so much paper content (that is, into bankruptcy and an online-only afterlife) you can still order those ridiculous and cool products you may have glimpsed from miles above the earth.

Here are 8 of the craziest products from everyone’s favorite mile-high catalog.

1. Vehicle Tissue Box Holder

A convenient bit of hardware and a must-have companion to your Paper Towns ebook  or Lana Del Rey playlist , this handy car tissue holder ensures you can always dry your eyes and keep the road ahead in sight.

car tissue box holder Courtesy Sky Mall


2. Car Seat Organizer with Tray

Consumer Reports may not have pointed it out, but let’s face it: cars just don’t have enough cup holders. Trust us, the space between the driver’s seat bolster and the door pocket is a terrible place for a large drink from In-N-Out. And the nook beside the e-brake is basically just waiting for the chance to spill your coffee. This car seat organizer can help!

car seat organizer tray Courtesy Sky Mall


3. Suction Hands Free Dryer Holder

Empower your get ready routine with this hands-free suction dryer holder. Because sometimes asking our S/O to hold the hair dryer for us just seems a bit much.

suction dryer holder Courtesy Sky Mall


4. CrocThermal Insulated Wine Clutch

Be the envy of all those who come to meet you for champagne brunch at the gazebo with this temperature-insulated wine clutch. It fits a full bottle of wine, includes a pouch for a corkscrew or wine opener and comes with example pictures that show it overflowing with grapes like something out of a classical painting. Epicurus would approve.

Insulated Wine Clutch Courtesy Sky Mall


5. Indoor Sink Hose Showerhead

This genius product turns your bathroom sink into a mini shower head. We’re not sure why it isn’t standard equipment in all college town apartment bathrooms yet.

sink showerhead Courtesy Sky Mall


6. VR Headset

Who knew you could get a VR headset on Sky Mall? Far from being hokey relic or novelty pair of 3D glasses, this product is fully compatible with lots of Apple and Google Play VR apps and games.

vr headset Courtesy Sky Mall


7. Bowl On Ice

It may be named like a Disney production (“Salad Bowl– On Ice!”) but this functional serving bowl is actually great for entertaining; letting you keep your homemade salads and hors d’oeuvres crisp and cool while the party goes on.

bowl on ice Courtesy Amazon


8. Hidden Camera Clock Radio

Seeming straight out of a detective novel, this Sky Mall clock radio looks sleek and innocuous– it’s oddly one of the more handsome such sets sold today– but, paranoids and aesthetes alike can appreciate this radio that listens to you. It even features a night vision hidden infrared camera able to film in total darkness, as well as record audio.

hidden camera clock radio Courtesy Sky Mall

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