Here Are 7 Tips for Decorating Small Apartments

best Small apartment decor ideas

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Whether you’re sharing a space with a roommate, have a studio apartment, joined the ever-popular tiny house movement, or just live in a small apartment, there are particular guidelines when it comes to choosing the right small apartment decor. While these rules aren’t set in stone by any means, these hacks certainly help to make a small space feel larger than it actually is:

  • Minimize tabletop clutter
  • Don’t be afraid to add accents
  • Make sure everything has a home
  • Storage can be stylish
  • Keep decor accents simple and clean
  • Stick to light colors
  • Get furniture pieces that serve a dual purpose

As someone who has lived with a roomie in a tiny New York City dorm, eventually graduating to a 200 square foot studio apartment in Los Angeles (yes, there are RV’s with more space than that), allow me to impart a few tips and tricks to mastering the art of small apartment decor.


1. ArcoMead Swing Arm Wall Lamp


In small apartments, tabletop space is the most valuable real estate in your entire space. To help free up some space on your tabletop and minimize the look of clutter on your side tables, take your clunky lamp off your nightstand and opt-in for wall sconce lighting instead. From the bedside to above the sofa, these sleek swinging arm lamps provide plenty of light wherever you need it most. The bronze and black color combo give off a handsome and masculine look, and the exterior cord makes them renter-friendly (no wiring necessary).

Wall lamp Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Welland White Floating Shelves


Even though avoiding clutter is the cardinal rule when it comes to decorating tiny apartments, having some accent decor pieces is okay. But more importantly, having a place for said accent pieces is crucial. Consider floating shelves, like these white wooden shelves from Welland, to display your knickknacks and picture frames. They are available in several sizes, so you could pick up a few different sizes to add a nice variation on the wall.

white floating shelves Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Kate and Laurel Coburn Distressed Metal Mirror


It should come as no surprise that “multipurpose” is the name of the game for small apartment decor, which is why this 3-in-1 mirror is the perfect piece to mark your entryway. The lengthy mirror measures 18.5″ x 27.5″ – so there is plenty of space to give yourself a check before running out the door. Plus, the four metal hooks provide the perfect place to hang your hats, dog leash, or face mask. But let’s not forget to mention the 5.5″ wooden shelf ledge for your wallet and sunglasses. Also available in all black, it’s the ultimate entryway caddy.

Mirror with shelf Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Musehomeinc Solid Wood Under Bed Storage


The space underneath the bed or couch is optimal storage space, but you don’t want a plastic storage bin peaking out like a monster hiding under the bed. Instead, this handsome pine drawer on wheels provides an accessible storage option that even elevates the look underneath your bed and couch — bet you didn’t know that was a space that could even be “elevated.” The stylish storage option is also available in a cool-tone fabric version with a leather pull.

under bed storage Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Mkono Plant Stand


Plants are a great decor accent to liven up any space, but small spaces aren’t the place for elaborate and ornate designs when it comes to picking the right vase or pot. If you want to fill a corner with a large plant, you can nab a few extra inches of height by placing the pot on a plant stand, like this black metal option from Mkono. The minimalist design is clean and airy, so it won’t feel as intrusive and bulky as a large vase would. It’s important to note that this product doesn’t come with a potted plant. So when purchasing your plant, aim for a pot that’s light in color, and you’ll be good to go.

Plant Stand Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Homfiner Faux Leather Throw Pillow Covers


A lot of masculine decor options tend to lean into darker color palettes, but keeping it on the lighter shade of things helps a small space feel a bit larger. These throw pillow covers come in a set of two and are perfect accent pieces for either your bed or sofa. They’re part organic white canvas cotton and part light brown faux leather, so they’ve got a nice mix of light tones with masculine textures. Oh, and no worries if you accidentally spill your chips and dip all over the sofa, they’re machine washable.

white and leather throw pillow covers Image courtesy of Amazon

7. SEI Furniture Drop Leaf Dining Table


Having space for a full-size dining table in a small apartment or studio is nearly impossible, that’s why drop leaf tables are a go-to for small spaces. We really like this industrial drop leaf table because it has plenty of style and functionality. When it’s fully set up, you can comfortably seat six at the table for small dinner parties, but you can easily drop one leaf and put it against the wall to use it as a desk or bar table. Or you can also drop both sides to make it an industrial TV console. Either way, you’re getting a few furniture pieces in one.

Drop Leaf Table Image courtesy of Amazon


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