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These Small Bookshelves Display Your Favorite Reads Without Wasting Space

Being smart with the space in your home is a key factor when it comes to creating an environment you want to spend time in. If you subscribe to the key rules of feng shui, and even if you don’t, wasting or overcrowding space is never a good idea. With this in mind, you may find turning to smaller decor pieces a viable way to save space without entirely sacrificing the function or style you desire. A good example of this phenomenon is the best small bookshelves, which store books add style, but don’t waste space in the process.

Why Choose a Small Bookshelf?

A bookshelf, whether large or small, is a great way to keep all of your best books on display and in one place. But the best bookshelves for small spaces don’t just give you display space, they provide a number of other handy benefits, including:

  • Saving Space – A small bookcase takes up less space than a large one. This is pretty obvious. However, a small bookcase’s compact size means you still enjoy space for storing and displaying books without taking up an excessive amount of space. This key difference can be important in homes or rooms where space is at a premium.
  • Adding Style – A bookshelf designed for smaller spaces can still bring the touch of style their larger counterparts can, but do it without taking up as much space in the process. Small bookshelves can still be made from high-quality materials, such as metal and wood, or sport attractive, rustic exteriors, meaning you get more than just storage space when you install one in your home.
  • Preventing Overpopulation – There’s no doubt that collecting the books you read offers a fun and interesting insight into your personality. However, piling book after book onto your shelves can actually lead to a collection that no longer reflects what you actually like to read. Having limited display space for your books forces you to think about which books you display (and even keep), making for a far more insightful bookshelf when guests come around.

Below you’ll find our top 10 small bookshelves for fitting into smaller spaces and rooms without sacrificing the ability to store and display books, plants and photographs entirely. We’ve included options for all kinds of rooms as well as different bookshelf types if you fancy leaving the floor and utilizing a floating bookshelf instead.


1. HSH Solid Wood Bookshelf


This HSH Solid Wood Bookshelf is an impressively reviewed home addition that comes in a range of sizes to suit every homeowner’s preference. It has received positive ratings from over 95% of Amazon users and comes in models with two, three, four or five tiers. It also brings a balance of functional display space and rustic charm. Its square steel tube frame and solid wood shelving provide long-term durability, while its easy-to-assemble design and leg levelers make home installation quick and simple. In addition, the bookshelf comes with an anti-tip kit to provide greater peace of mind.

small bookshelves hsh solid wood


2. Furinno Pasir Open Shelf Bookcase


With more than 30,000 five-star ratings from Amazon customers, this Furinno Pasir Open Shelf Bookcase is one of the most popular options on our list. It’s also available in a range of different sizes, colors and arrangements, so there’s a style to suit every home. Color options include black, gray, blue and green. Each bookcase is made from strong and durable engineered wood, meaning you can expect plenty of years of use from your investment. Plus, it’s possible to orient the bookshelves either upright or horizontal to maximize the available display space or minimize the amount of floor space they take up.

small bookshelves furinno pasir tier


3. STORAGE MANIAC Invisible Floating Bookshelves


One easy way to ensure your small bookshelves don’t waste floor space is to mount them on a wall. These L-shaped STORAGE MANIAC Invisible Floating Bookshelves are made from strong metal and capable of holding up to 15 pounds each. Each four-pack gives you storage space for a large number of books and comes in your choice of either black or white. You’ll also find all of the fixtures you need for mounting the shelves and can be confident in your purchase thanks to the shelves’ five-out-of-five-star rating.

small bookshelves storage maniac invisible floating


4. Rolanstar Tree Bookshelf


With its unique tree-like design, this Rolanstar Tree Bookshelf provides space to store books while bringing a touch of style at the same time. The small bookshelf is available in either black or rustic brown and includes a handy built-in drawer to provide an alternate, enclosed storage. At 11.8 by 6.7 inches, this compact storage piece is ideal for housing on desktops, worktops or existing cabinets. In addition, the bookshelf sports a sturdy construction and includes non-slip pads to keep it securely in place.

small bookshelves rolanstar tree bookshelf


5. Humble Crew Pastel Collection Bookshelf


It’s not just adults who can benefit from one of the best small bookshelves, kids can too. This Humble Crew Pastel Collection Bookshelf features four deep fabric storage pockets which can house books, magazines and boards in an easy-to-grab and manage way. Thanks to the upright, front-facing design, books are also easily identified while the frame’s composite material construction makes cleaning easy. Plus, the neutral style means this bookshelf fits in with almost any bedroom, playroom, nursery or living room decor.

small bookshelves humble crew


6. Greenco 5-Tier Floating Shelves


With its ability to be mounted as a single five-tier installation or individually as five single shelves, this set of Greenco Floating Shelves offers a level of versatility few others can compete with. The popular corner unit, which comes backed by more than 30,000 five-star ratings, is available in eight different colors, including black, white and rustic blue. This small bookshelf is also made from medium-density fiberboard which is durable and has been laminated to create a flat and easily cleaned exterior. All in all, these sturdy and lightweight shelves are a reliable addition to offices, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms or any other room in the house.

small bookshelves greenco


7. Ebern Designs Jeweldene Etagere Bookcase


What’s great about the design of this Ebern Designs Jeweldene Etagere Bookcase is that it’s stackable. This provides a level of freedom when it comes to creating the exact amount of storage space you want as adding more is as simple as placing another bookshelf on top. Each 16 by 25.75-inch bookcase has a weight capacity of six pounds and is well suited to fit in with almost any room’s decor style. Furthermore, the bookshelf is available in four colors.

rona stackable bookshelf


8. Closetmaid W Cube Bookcase


Closetmaid’s W Cube Bookcase is a versatile addition to any home space. The two-open-cube design gives users plenty of space for displaying books, photos and other items. Handily, the small bookshelf can be orientated in either way to either minimize or maximize the amount of floor space it takes up. Both open spaces are compatible with all styles of 13-inch storage bins, allowing you to mix and match your storage options. Furthermore, this 30 by 15.87-inch bookcase is available in four colors.

bleached walnut closetmaid bookshelf


9. Theus Standard Bookcase


This Theus Standard Bookcase gives users two tiers of storage space housed inside an attractive, solid and manufactured wood frame. The small bookshelf is available in four colors, including white, cherry and navy, and also features eye-catching geometric designs on either end. At 30 by 23 inches, the versatile case offers plenty of storage and display space suitable for any room of the house, such as an office, a bedroom or a bathroom.

small bookshelves highland dunes


10. Eulas Etagere Bookcase


If you’re looking for an outstanding mix of style, functionality and durability, it’s hard to look beyond this Eulas Etagere Bookcase. The decor addition is made from a combination of powder-coated steel and manufactured wood and measures 26 by 40 inches, providing lots of storage space without overcrowding a room. This popular bookcase is also available in a range of color combinations and still maintains a 4.8-out-of-five rating after more than 5,000 votes from Wayfair customers.

gracie oaks wood metal bookshelf


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