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Improve the Air You Breathe With This Cloud-Based Quality Monitor

* Know what you’re breathing both in and outside your home
* Touted as the world’s smartest air quality monitor
* Pair with the mobile app to remotely check your home’s air quality

There’s no doubt that the quality of air we breathe is changing. Unfortunately, it’s not for the better. That doesn’t mean we should sit idly by and let nature sort itself out. The Node from AirVisual Air Quality Monitor is one way to track the air quality both inside our homes and outside.

The self-touted “world’s smartest air quality monitor” was designed for people living with asthma, high blood pressure, COPD or lung cancer. It tracks the number of PM2.5 particles, CO2 levels, temperature and humidity, all of which contribute to your overall wellness — or lack thereof. The data is then crunched in the cloud to keep you informed.

The Node tracks the above variables to let you know whether the air in your bedroom, for instance, is safe or not. If it’s the latter, the Node will let you know what to do to change it. If the Node is placed outside, you have the option to connect with the AirVisual network as a public outdoor station to keep others informed.

With a 5-inch LED monitor, built-in battery and accompanying smartphone app, you’ll know know more about the air quality around you and the best way to navigate your surroundings with three day forecasts. Even if you don’t have health problems, making sure the air you breath is clean can help you stay that way in the future.

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