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Beauty & Brains: 5 Stylish Smart Home Devices That Double as Decor

* Smart home gadgets that won’t destroy your home decor theme
* Connected gadgets for the home should make things easier]
* Trash cans, monitors, planters, and more 

You’ve likely heard of the “Internet of Things” or “smart homes” before today. You’ve probably even seen or heard about a smart fridge, an app-controlled toaster oven, smart locks and, of course, color changing light bulbs, but a lot of those gadgets simply don’t match well with a stylish interior.

See below for 7 smart home gadgets that merge style and function seamlessly.

1. Hello Sense

Without being strapped to clinical machines with an assortment of sensors strapped to your body, sleep aide devices can only glean so much from your tossing and turning to help you sleep better. The

, however, seems like a step above the rest with sensors that monitor air quality, temperature, CO2 levels, humidity, UV light and several other factors, which it then runs through an algorithm that will supposedly help you optimize your sleeping conditions. You can even talk to and ask how you slept the night before or what the temperature is where you sleep. It will even lull you to sleep with soothing sleep sounds and wake you up when you’re not in a deep sleep, so you’re feeling fresh.

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2. AirSense Smart Air Quality Monitor & Ion Purifier

Like the Veg-O-Matic, the

does a lot of things, including functioning as a detector for Carbon Monoxide, connecting to iTunes or Google Play, playing music with its two-way audio speakers, and so much more.

What that amounts to is this awesome –albeit nerdy– all-in-one gadget that will notify you via the accompanying smartphone app about the quality of the air in your home and even suggests ways of how to improve it. It even comes with programmable LEDs for customized-by-you mood lighting.


3. Simplehuman Semi-Round Sensor Can

Simplehuman makes some of, if not, the best trash cans in existence. So what makes the Semi-Round Sensor Can so desirable? Well, it employs infrared sensors that know when you want the can to open, as well as staying open until you’re done tossing your rubbish. But the best thing about this can is its built-in liner dispenser that distributes new liners from inside the can. Plus, it comes in a luxe rose gold color that will add a touch of style to your kitchen.


4. Awair Air Quality Monitor

If the AirSense seems like a bit too much, the Awair only monitors the air around you. By monitoring the dust, chemicals (VOCs), CO2, humidity, and temperature, Awair will synthesize that data and provide users with a number of different preference modes to help you “sleep better, control your allergies, increase productivity, or improve your general health.”


5. CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall

Cujo is marketed as being a “smart firewall that keeps your connected home safe.” It achieves this by regularly checking your home network’s traffic and blocking connections to questionable sites that could cause some harm. Which can be useful for those with connected devices, like smart thermostats and smartphones. Think of it like a security blanket for your home.