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These 6 Solar Panel Kits Can Help You Go Off the Grid

As climate change becomes more and more of a prevalent topic, the move to solar energy has quickened. Long thought of something that seemed out of the pages of a science-fiction novel, consumer solar products are not only pretty easy to find but, overall, relatively affordable. The move to a more solar-driven power supply starts, naturally, with solar panel kits.

These consumer kits are designed to either install yourself or place out in the sun to generate power. While you’ll still need a battery bank to store that power, the panels are the critical first step in the move to solar. You’ll want to be sure you’ve got a kit that’s durable has some water resistance and is portable to ensure you can get your power effectively.

To help you make the move, we’ve rounded up six of our favorite solar panel kits to get you started. You can find our favorite options below.


1. Jackery Solar Saga Solar Panel Kit


We love Jackery’s solar panel kits for how easy they are to use, carry around and for the host of features they contain. Easy to use and even easier to set up, the Solar Saga features two kickstands, so the panels fan out at exactly the right angle to ensure optimal sun intake. Additionally, the panels are IP65 water-resistant to handle splashes (but you’ll definitely want to avoid putting them in direct rain). Plus, they fold, so you can easily move them around without much hassle one way or another.

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2. Renogy Starter Solar Panel Kit


Renogy’s Starter Solar Panel Kit includes everything right out of the box that you’ll need to get started, including four 100W solar panels and an MPPT charge controller. Easy to install, you can outfit a van or trailer with ease, as the 400W rating will power those types of vehicles pretty easily. When it comes to the panels’ design, they include all kinds of quality features like an anti-corrosion frame, durable and tempered glass, and multi-layered sheet laminations to help enhance cell performance for longer service life.

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3. BLUETTI SP200 Solar Panel Kit


With over 100 five-star reviews, this solar panel kit from BLUETTI gets the honorable distinction of being Amazon’s Choice for best solar panel kit. Foldable and portable into a giant square for ease of use. Additionally, the panels are crafted from TFE material to provide a lighter carry, a higher solar transmission rate, more durability, and even an anti-scratch. Plus, the included 4 kickstands make it easy to position the panels to provide the most sunlight possible.

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4. Grape Solar Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit


For those looking to go off-the-grid, or at least ensure they have a vehicle or small house prepared to do so, Grape Solar has pretty much everything you need to make the transition with their solar panel kit. Super easy to assemble, the quality of the panels and the power output you’ll get a result is well worth its slightly higher price. Additionally, the 540W rating makes it so you can fully power most small appliances like water pumps, a toaster, or even a laptop.

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5. ACOPOWER Portable Solar Panel Kit


ACOPOWER’s portable solar panel kit is extremely easy to transport, making it our hands-down choice for the most portable solar panel kit. Handy to bring along for a base camping trip or even a tailgate, the kit features pretty much every single kind of port you can imagine, from USB to DC power plugs, and boasts a fast charging speed for all of your devices. But our favorite feature is that great folding suitcase-like design which makes it a breeze to carry around wherever you may need some extra juice.

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6. WEIZE Solar Panel Starter Kit


If you’re looking to get acquainted with solar panel kits, this starter kit from WEIZE is a fantastic entry point. The cells themselves are constructed with high-performance elements to provide optimal energy retention while ensuring low maintenance. The panels themselves come to install ready right of the box, which means you won’t have to hassle with doing any extra assembly. Oh, and the 200W power should power most of your small electronic needs.

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