The Best Solar-Powered Christmas Lights Will Help You Save Electricity and Money This Year

best solar powered crhistmas lights
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Solar-powered Christmas lights are a great way to add warmth to your interior or exterior home design, no matter what season it is. They last much longer than plug-in or battery-operated lights, and simply require a charge in direct sunlight to last between eight to 12 hours at night when you need them. They work throughout the winter since they’re powered by light rather than heat. Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, these run off energy-efficient LEDs.

Copper wires are a popular material choice since they’re flexible and invisible at night. They also don’t run the risk of rusting or fading over time, which makes them more naturally weatherproof. It’s important to keep your solar panels clean and repositioned to receive sunlight for efficient charge and smooth operation.

Apart from their long lifetime, solar-powered Christmas lights are an eco-friendly choice that will significantly reduce your monthly electric bill. Whether you’re looking to add some ambiance to your home or up your holiday decoration skills, here are the best solar-powered Christmas lights to get the job done.


1. Qaxlry 480 LED Solar String Lights


These solar-powered Christmas lights clock in at a total of 480 LEDs and are versatile for outdoor areas of all sizes thanks to the ultra-long length of 160 feet. Even in areas that aren’t large in space, this length allows you to twist, wrap, and thread, accomplishing the holiday (or patio) decor of your dreams without running out of wire. Qaxlry’s battery-free pick comes in a two-pack and includes eight different blinking modes, so picking the right ambiance never has to be a struggle again.

 Qaxlry 480 LED Solar String Lights, 2-pack Courtesy of Amazon

2. HONGM 100LED Solar String Lights


If you don’t get a ton of daily use out of your solar-powered Christmas lights or are buying on a budget, consider HONGM’s copper wired pick, which isn’t just useful for Christmas, but subtle enough to be used for parties, weddings, any other events, or even indoor bedroom usage as a safer alternative to candles. Apart from white, these bright LED lights also come in a range of colors. They’re even waterproof, and the insulated copper material keeps light at a low temp so they’re never dangerous to handle.

HONGM 100LED Solar String Lights, 2-pack Courtesy of Amazon

3. Kwaiffeo 192 LED Meteor Shower Lights


If traditional solar-powered Christmas lights are too boring for you, spruce things up with some meteor-shower alternatives courtesy of Kwaiffeo. These lights mimic falling raindrops and come in cascading LED light tubes, creating an instantly magical vibe with minimal effort. They’re durable and you don’t have to worry about tangles when you’re ready to put them away. Buyers love these long-lasting lights, with one mentioning the LED white choice is a “true LED white (not soft white or the usual yellow glow), and the other colors are just as great.”

Kwaiffeo 192 LED Meteor Shower Lights Courtesy of Amazon

4. UPOOM 50 LED Solar String Lights


Globe lights create instant warmth in a space and make more of a decor statement than conventional string lights with their cracked glass aesthetic. Otherwise referred to as “crystal ball“ lights, these miniature lights come with their own solar panel and have an easy-to-operate on-and-off switch. They work in any temperature, stay lit all night, and have a total length of approximately 23 feet. Reviewers love how bright and durable they are, with many marveling over the appearance.

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UPOOM 50 LED Solar String Lights Courtesy of Amazon

5. Brightown 200 LED Outdoor Solar Christmas String Lights


What’s a holiday without some multicolored solar-powered Christmas lights? Useful for Christmas and beyond, this 72-foot option features 200 LED lights. It has unique lighting modes such as waves, fading, and fireflies, creating different atmospheres. There are sensors that automatically turn lights on at night, and off in the daytime. With a full eight-hour charge, this light can last up to 12 hours. One buyer says, “even when it is overcast, we still get four to six hours of light from them.” Being eco-friendly has never looked so good!

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Brightown 200 LED Outdoor Solar Christmas String Lights Courtesy of Amazon

6. Qishi 100 LED Solar-Powered Fairy Lights (White Warm)


Many people prefer to buy warm white lights only, because of the cozy vibe that they provide. Warm white lights are less reminiscent of indoor lighting, and a little more yellow-toned, reminding of the glow a fire gives off. Warm lights also promote relaxation and are easier on the eyes. These solar-powered Christmas lights are resistant to water and powered by LED, with a 33-foot length. One buyer even uses them as a creative to keep deer away from her plants.

Qishi 100 LED Solar powered Fairy Lights (White Warm)hristmas String Lights Courtesy of Walmart

7. Brizled 120 LED Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights, 2-Pack


Cool lights, unlike warmer alternatives, provide unparalleled brightness. If what you’re looking for is ultimate outdoor visibility, cool solar-powered Christmas lights are your best bet. They give off more of a silver hue than a yellow one, providing the appearance of a starry night. At just under 100 feet long, these long-lasting silver twinkle lights have a festive look that will brighten up any outdoor setting. They can also easily be wrapped around plants, signs, or furniture.

Brizled 120 LED Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights, 2-Pack Courtesy of Amazon

8. Qishi 120 LED Outdoor Solar Garden Lights


If you’re looking to add some personality to your garden but your everyday stringed lights aren’t giving that desired effects, consider these one-of-a-kind firework-style lights, which double as pathway lights. Many customers choose to place them in porch planters. Unlike other solar-powered Christmas lights, these ones are wire-free, illuminating your backyard without the tangled clutter. They can also be used for the campsite or anywhere else you might need portable ambiance.

Qishi 120 LED Outdoor Solar Garden Lights Courtesy of Walmart

9. KeShi 100 LED Solar Star String Lights


While many stringed lights mimic the look of twinkling stars, these twinkle lights already come in the shape of stars. With their warm white light, they give off a shimmering glow that’ll make you want to sleep under the stars all night long. While these lights are waterproof, they’re not 100% waterproof, so if you live somewhere with regularly severe bouts of bad weather, you may want to pack these lights up and keep them safe inside until it subsides.

KeShi 100 LED Solar Star String Lights Courtesy of Amazon


10. Jar-owl LED Solar Icicle String Lights


Icicle lights allow you to create a magical winter wonderland, even when it’s not chilly outside. Beyond contributing to your backyard oasis, these lights can hang from windows, roof edges, overhangs, and more. In this white color (available in both warm and cool tones), they’re a completely elegant way to illuminate. These ones are slightly more expensive than your standard dollar store lights, but due to the bells and whistles like different modes, a remote control, and timer, they’re worth the investment.

Jar-owl LED Solar Icicle String Lights Courtesy of Amazon

The Best Outdoor Christmas Lights for Bringing Holiday Cheer to Your Yard