Sonic Editions Brings Iconic, Previously Non-Purchasable Prints to Your Home

prints from sonic editions
Courtesy of Sonic Editions

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From person to person, home decorations can get a little bit specific. Some of us are into the mid-century modern look, while the barn-like aesthetic deeply enthralls others. Some might be minimalists, and others can’t get enough of more and more decor. One thing almost all home decorators can agree on, though? Just about all of us have framed photos hanging on our walls.

Although most of us with frame imagery plastered throughout our homes primarily feature family photos, store-bought artwork and other ideas of that nature, maybe you want a little more. Something you never thought you’d be able to own before. Maybe, a print from a famous photographer, a never-seen-before shot of your favorite musician or an iconic image captured in time. If only these wouldn’t cost you thousands and thousands of dollars, you’d probably have a couple by now, right?

Here’s the kicker: a lot don’t cost thousands of dollars, thanks to Sonic Editions.

prints from sonic editions Courtesy of Sonic Editions

I just moved into my very first one-bedroom apartment back in May. This is the first time in my life where everything inside my living space is 100% mine. That said, I wanted my decor to represent my aesthetic.

As someone who majored in photography at college, I’ve always been obsessed with historical images. From the moon landing that made the world stand still to Italian landscapes captured in time before I was born to unearthed images of my favorite musicians, I can’t get enough of a good snapshot. That’s why I nearly lost my mind when I learned about Sonic Editions.

print from sonic editions Courtesy of Sonic Editions

Sonic Editions is a photo distribution site that offers limited edition, high-quality images that would typically cost the buyer thousands of dollars at affordable prices. This is the first time in history that imagery of this nature is made possible at prices the average person can afford. Images range from a number of different works by a number of other photographers such as Brian Aris, George Lange, Slim Aarons and more. Sonic Editions provides imagery of historical events, film grabs, iconic moments in sports, celebrity photo shoots and more.

One thing Sonic Editions does way too well? Musicians. We’ve seen the likes of ABBA, The Beatles, A$AP Rocky, Elvis, Beastie Boys, Aretha Franklin, Amy Winehouse and more in various photos on the site. Essentially, Sonic Editions takes the childhood bedroom poster aesthetic into adulthood by providing imagery that feels mature enough to show off in your living room. Everything is printed to the finest detail, framed at whichever size you choose and shipped ready for you to hang directly on your wall.

musicians from Sonic Editions Courtesy of Sonic Editions

Sonic Editions provides four sizes in total when it comes to their prints, which are small (15 x 12-inches), medium (21 x 17-inches), large (25 x 21-inches) and XL (31 x 23-inches). In addition, there are three square sizes for square prints that come in medium (17 x 17-inches), large (21 x 21-inches) and XL (25 x 25-inches).

In my mind, the bigger the better. So how did I choose to decorate my home with Sonic Editions? Well, I snagged the biggest Dolly Parton print I could find.

Dolly Parton print from Sonic Editions in writer's apartment Dolly Parton print from Sonic Editions in writer’s apartment Tyler Schoeber | SPY

I’ve got her hanging right over the music section of my apartment, where my record player is. Of course, I still have two records on display from Pride Month. If you know, you know.

One thing to note is that this framed print was exceptionally light when picked up from my mailroom. It hung on my wall in a matter of minutes with just one nail and has only brought me joy since.

Sonic Editions is how to decorate your home with never-before-possible imagery from our past. With affordable pricing and thousands of images to choose from, Sonic Editions is changing the game regarding modern decor.

Interested in learning more? Scope out Sonic Editions’ entire gallery of printed options for yourself and score your next in-home conversation starter.