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The Best Soundproof Curtains Can Make Your Home a Sanctuary of Solitude

Do you toss and turn due to noises outside your home? If you live in a city, near a busy street or have other noise outside that you want to block out, soundproof curtains can help absorb those sounds, allowing you to sleep in silent bliss. Beyond improving your sleep quality, the best soundproof curtains can help provide a distraction-free zone for conversations or working from home. Most of them also double as blackout curtains, which are ideal for light sleepers. They’re ideal for city-dwellers, those with thin walls or anyone with a WFH lifestyle.

The best soundproof curtains work by absorbing and muffling sounds of different degrees. Investing in these curtains can also help lower your utility bills. Due to their thick material, they can keep spaces cool or warm, and prevent air from escaping or coming in. Still, finding the right set for your own home can be a tough process to navigate. There are several factors to consider, including what type of noise-blocking curtains you need for your home.

Types of Soundproof Curtains

  • Insulation curtains: The most popular option on the market, these look just like regular window curtains but are made from a heavier material. They also double as blackout curtains that can block sunlight.
  • Audio insulation sheets: These might not be curtains, but they’re a superb DIY hack that can function the same way, especially given that they usually have grommets that are compatible with a curtain rod. They block the most sound due to being made of multiple layers but can be expensive because of the extra fabric used.
  • Industrial blankets: Although the main purpose of these blankets is to protect furniture while moving, their thick, padded material makes them great for soundproofing. although they might look as attractive as other alternatives, they’re a budget-friendly choice to start out with.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Soundproof Curtains

  • Weight/Size: Always measure your windows before buying curtains to avoid a sizing faux pas. Try to find a curtain that’s up to three times as wide as your window, and add a minimum of 10 inches to the length. Ideally, floor-to-ceiling options will be the most effective. In terms of weight, heavier curtains will absorb more sounds.
  • Material: Velvet, suede and polyester are all high-quality materials that block sound. Look for a triple weave fabric, which will have better density. The more material, the better! Choosing thermal soundproof curtains can help with reducing energy costs.
  • Rods: Make sure you have sturdy rods that can support the weight of your new curtains since they’ve heavier than conventional ones — by up to six pounds. Install new ones if they’re flimsy.

Having a quiet sanctuary is an important part of making your living space more functional, Transform your home and get better peace of mind with the best soundproof curtains of 2022.


1. NICETOWN Insulated Curtains


NICETOWN is one of the most reliable curtain brands out there, which is why they have some of the best soundproof curtains on the market. For a reasonable price, buyers get the benefit of light and sound reduction in a range of sizes and easy-to-match colors. The heavyweight fabric is made from a triple-weave and features a black liner backing, which helps to block out noise more effectively.

NICETOWN Insulated Curtains


2. Ketterman Blackout Thermal Curtains


These floor-grazing curtains, sold in a set, are as beautiful as they are functional. With almost 3,000 people on Wayfair vetting them, they’re made from 100% polyester that’s tightly woven so that outside sound is as muffled as possible. Ketterman’s soundproof curtains are also perfect for those who live in hot areas, due to their temperature-regulating abilities. A versatile accent piece that’ll work with any existing interiors, whether they’re classic or contemporary.

Ketterman Blackout Thermal Curtains


3. RYB Home Insulation Curtains


If you’re willing to splurge a little bit, these RYB noise-blocking curtains offer top-of-the-line quality with triple-layer construction. Each set comes with two panels which both feature a detachable felt fabric lining in the middle. While the felt liner helps to absorb noise, if you ever want to remove it, it can be easily detached, which is a plus. The stylish look combined with the fact that the soundproof layer can be removed makes this one of our top contenders.

RYB Home Insulation Curtains


4. MIULEE Velvet Soundproof Curtains


Velvet is a thick material that’s suitable for blocking out sounds, and it also happens to bring a striking, dramatic look to any space. Add some texture to your bedroom or living room with these elegant curtains, available in 13 unique colors like Olive Green and Dusty Rose. They have a softer feel than 100% polyester curtains, which can get the job done but don’t have an expensive feel. These can meet all your soundproofing needs and look great while doing so.

MIULEE Velvet Soundproof Curtains


5. Bedsure Blackout Curtains


If you have smaller windows that need covering, consider these soundproof curtains which are a little shorter. Made from microfiber polyester, these are perfect for bedrooms and consist of two thick layers which users find to be weighty enough. Pro tip: these curtains will be better at light blocking if you pick a darker color. Consider matching it to your comforter or duvet cover for a more cohesive look.

Bedsure Blackout Curtains


6. George Oliver Albesa Geometric Thermal Curtain Panel


Looking for a pop of pattern in your room? These aren’t your grandma’s old floral curtains. Designed by George Oliver, this machine-washable choice has a geometric motif available in a range of subtle colors. Along with a polyester lining, the single-panel curtains themselves have a 10% linen and 90% polyester blend that works but still has a pleasant texture.

George Oliver Albesa Geometric Thermal Curtain Panel


7. NICETOWN Extra Wide Blackout Curtain


If you have kids that share a room or have an open concept space with minimal walls, consider this soundproof and blackout curtain which has 14 silver grommets at the top. A clever way of creating temporary walls without renovations, these walls afford a little more privacy. Heavy room-diving curtains also tend to work better than doors, as sound is absorbed by the fabric, but bounces off doors. A perfectly portable choice for city lofts, shared bedrooms, and large walls of windows.

NICETOWN Extra Wide Blackout Curtain


8. BGment Insulated Curtains


For just under $20, you can own a pair of these sound-blocking curtains which are best for smaller windows. Featuring a classic triple weave technology, these heavyweight double layer curtains have a black liner. The material is thick soft and wrinkle-free, so you never have to worry about steaming or ironing them. They’re available in 17 colors and 11 sizes, so you’re sure to find an option that works for you, no matter what room it’s in.

BGment Insulated Curtains


9. Latitude Run Room-Darkening Outdoor Curtain Panel


If you like to work outside or your patio is near a busy street, consider this sound-reducing outdoor curtain panel by Latitude Run, which can also help protect you from the sun and act as a shady sanctuary. It’s the ultimate outdoor extension to help give your patio, deck or pergola a more finished look. Although it won’t reduce noise as much as indoor varieties, it can still help to provide a quieter space and a more pulled-together look.

Latitude Run Room-Darkening Outdoor Curtain Panel


10. Pratt Retail Premium Moving Blanket


These quilted blankets are usually used to protect furniture and fragile items during the moving process, but their insulating properties have another use. If you’re living in a temporary space or still deciding on what soundproof curtains are best for you, this moving blanket is your best DIY bet. It can also be layered underneath your regular curtains to the same sound dampening effects without the unattractive look.

Pratt Retail Premium Moving Blanket


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