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Try These Soundproofing Hacks To Give You the Peace and Quiet You Desire

The best soundproofing materials can be extremely handy when it comes to creating your ideal home. A lot of people forget that a house is more than just what you see, it’s what you feel and hear, too. It’s easy to take in the aesthetic features of a property. However, one crucially important, yet often ignored aspect of putting together a great place to be is knowing how noisy the neighbors really are, or whether there are other noise-producing distractions that may limit your everyday enjoyment.

Things like people talking late into the evening, a television loudly playing a top-rated Hollywood movie or your kid recording their new podcast are just three examples of noise that you’d rather not be exposed to. So, given that sound needs to travel through the air or other materials to reach our ears, putting a thicker, more effective noise-preventing barrier between you and the source makes a lot of sense.

The best soundproofing materials work by creating a noise-absorbing barrier between the source of the sound and your ears. In the same way that being in the next room rather than the same room will reduce the noise you hear. When it comes to adapting your home for less noise exposure (and creation!), this selection of soundproofing materials can really make a difference. Options include:

  • Foam Tiles
  • Window Covers
  • Curtains
  • Tiles
  • Tapes
  • Door Stops
  • Corner Padding
  • Wall Layering

We’ve rounded up the best nine soundproofing materials available to order from Amazon. If you’re currently kept awake at night by unwelcome noise or want to be able to crank up the volume a little louder without being bothered by your housemates, it’s time to upgrade your surroundings and invest in some serious soundproofing for your home.

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1. XIN&LOG Acoustic Foam Panel


The XIN&LOG Acoustic Foam Panel comes backed by over 2,200 five-star ratings from Amazon users, making it a reliable soundproofing material you can trust in. This sound-blocking material is best suited to rooms that generate a lot of noise, such as home cinemas, vocal booths or recording studios. The reason for this is because the foam panel’s construction is highly effective in both absorbing high range frequencies and diminishing echoes, meaning people outside hear less and people inside enjoy better quality sound.

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2. MAGZO Adhesive Foam Tape


If you have noticeable gaps around your doors or windows, this Magzo Adhesive Foam Tape might be the quick and simple solution to soundproofing you’ve been searching for. The tape is backed with a strong adhesive that firmly secures it in place and can withstand a range of temperatures. As well as being great for soundproofing purposes, this versatile tape is also moisture and shock-resistant, so it’s never bad to have around the house as you might find more uses for it than you first expect.

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3. MAXTID Adjustable Door Draft Stopper


In addition to helping prevent sound from escaping or entering a room, the MAXTID Adjustable Door Draft Stopper offers protection against unpleasant drafts, too. It’s available in four different widths to suit a range of door sizes and attaches using an easy-to-install strip of adhesive backing. The additional benefits of this soundproofing material make it a great all-around investment as it can prevent drafts in the summer when you have the windows open and also help trap heat inside during the winter when heating your home is a priority.

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4. TroyStudio Acoustic Panel


At under $27, these TroyStudio Acoustic Panels deliver a budget-friendly solution to soundproofing your home. This tried-and-tested method of reducing the transfer of noise is one of the most popular, especially in offices, classrooms or other noisy environments which are often the source of hustle and bustle. Furthermore, these tiles are available in four neutral colors and two different sizes, so you can select the combination best suited to your specific preferences and needs.

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5. DEKIRU Acoustic Foam Corner Block


DEKIRU Acoustic Foam Corner Blocks are ideal for pairing with acoustic panels to ensure every corner of your room is covered. These foam corner blocks provide a complete soundproofing solution as the edges of the blocks fit together precisely, ensuring no sound leaks through. This is especially true when compared to pushing two standard acoustic tiles together, which are more likely to leave unwanted gaps for sounds to eke out from. Plus, these blocks are also thicker than tiles.

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6. H.VERSAILTEX Linen Blackout Curtains


If you’re looking for a soundproofing solution that won’t drastically affect the look of your home, consider a set of H.VERSAILTEX Linen Blackout Curtains. These thermally insulated soundproofing devices can be installed as you would any traditional curtains, which is also made easier by their integrated grommets. They’re available in a large range of colors and lengths to let them match your interior decor style as well as snugly fitting in the space you want to block sound from passing through. In addition, they block out over 85 percent of light which can be an added benefit if you’re looking to create a space for concentrating in.

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7. SoundproofingMLV Noise Grabber Soundproofing Barrier


With the SoundproofingMLV Noise Grabber Soundproofing Barrier, you can fully integrate your chosen soundproofing material into the structure of your walls, rather than attaching it on top. When installing the barrier, the ideal order is fiberglass insulation followed by the acoustical barrier and then finished with the drywall. You can then paint or wallpaper the drywall as you would with any normal wall in your home. These panels are available in a wide range of sizes, allowing you to order the correct combination to fit and fill your chosen wall space.

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8. BUBOS Art Acoustic Panel


In general, soundproofing materials are not the most attractive thing you’ll buy for your home. However, this BUBOS 12 Pack Art Acoustic Panels changes all that and gives you a range of beautiful, eye-catching design-covered tiles to choose from. Tile designs include bright blue with classy gold accents, zig-zag geometric patterning and colored feathers. Although you’ll need to purchase some additional items to install your panels, these items are easily sourced and can take the form of double-sided tape, spray adhesive or small screws.

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9. TMS Sound Proofing Padding


This TMS Sound Proofing Padding is a great option for people who are serious about soundproofing their walls. Unlike some of the options on the list which could be a temporary answer, this padding is a permanent solution that gets layered into your walls. By taking this approach, you’ll enjoy an impressive level of soundproofing compared to many other soundproofing options, in addition to not having to deal with the visual aspect on your walls. Additionally, this versatile product can also be wrapped around noisy drainage pipes or layered under the mats in your car to reduce the amount of sound from the engine.

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How to Soundproof Any Room in Your House, For When You Need Absolute Peace and Quiet