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Make a Bold Leap With the Space Pen in Lime Green

* Original Space Pen design
* Bold, retro colors
* Writes in zero gravity and extreme temperatures

The Space Pen is a space age classic, the original zero-gravity pen capable of writing at any angle. With the Fischer Space Pen in lime green you can have it in an awesome 1960s shade as well. The Space Pen in lime green is a great representation of swinging ‘60s nostalgia with a futuristic, modern touch. Plus, the Space Pen writes really well.

Its ink rolls on smoothly and makes a strong, even line, whether you hold it straight up or even upside-down. Said to be the most versatile pen ever made, the Fisher Space Pen draws on technology from the space program and is able to write in extreme temperatures all the way down to -30 F and up to 250 F. So if you ever have the need to write a note to yourself while tramping across the frozen tundra or in the heat of Death Valley, CA, you can with the Space Pen in lime green.

The Space Pen is also one of the most noteworthy designs in writing implements, with a sleek capsule-like shape that evokes images space ships, rockets and the hopeful, forward looking ethos of mid-century America.

It’s made of high quality brass and steel. A great gift for a science grad or anyone who appreciates fine engineering and futuristic looks, the Space Pen in lime green is a bold and stylish classic.

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