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This Space Saving Clothing Hanger Will Give You 48 Shoe Boxes Worth of New Space

* Patented, short-neck design lifts clothes, creating extra closet space
* Rounded shoulder profile reduces hanger bumps in your clothing
* Can be used with collared shirts

More closet space: it’s all any adult ever dreams of, especially if you’re a city dweller. But even if you have achieved a closet of Carrie Bradshaw/Mr. Big proportions, maxing out your sartorial real estate is never a bad thing. So enter the novel invention called Higher Hangers. It’s like a regular clothes hanger, but with a patented space saving design that the company claims will equal up to 48 shoe boxes (or 7 carry-on pieces of luggage) of new space.

So how does this happen? Higher Hangers sounds just like its name, raising your clothes with an ingenious shortened hanger neck, finally nixing the dead space between the hanger and rail to max out the area below. Invented by a college freshman in his dorm room — ground zero for a storage crisis at just 139 square feet, plus a roommate — our intrepid student looked at his closet in despair, then got to work.

Thinking he could create more room for his stuff by eliminating the wasted inches conventional hanger necks took up, he reinvented this household staple with just a lighter and a pair of pliers. And a new space-saving hanger was born.

Higher Hangers come in both flocked velvet and slippery plastic options, in quantities of 50. And with the ritual of spring cleaning hitting right about now, it’s a fitting solution for a quick closet makeover. Unless of course, more closet space just isn’t your thing. (Said no one ever.)

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