These Space-Saving Dining Sets Are The Ultimate Small Home Living Hack

Ivy Bronx Badillo 4-Person Dining Set
Courtesy of Wayfair

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Finding an appropriate dining set for a condo or small space can feel impossible. You want a large enough area to comfortably socialize and eat with loved ones while taking up as small of a footprint as possible. When you add your own aesthetic into the mix, options seem to get even narrower.

There are endless shapes and sizes available, as well as some modular pieces that can be arranged to take up less space when they’re not being used or contain built-in storage. Many websites sell drop-leaf tables, which let your table extend.

Besides the silhouette, there are several materials to decide on:

  • Wood: wooden chairs and tables or (or veneered pieces) offer a classic and durable look that fits into most homes, but isn’t always the most modern option.
  • Stone: Whether you’re going with cement or marble, stone is a long-lasting option, but it can be porous and stains can be hard to get out.
  • Glass: Glass tabletops are waterproof, create a more open-concept feeling and are a breeze to clean. However, it can crack from hot dishes and reveals fingerprints.
  • Metal: From brass to stainless steel, metal dining sets have an industrial look and sturdy build that are anything but fragile. But if it has a high shine, you might need to invest in certain cleaning tools and wipe down fingerprints frequently.

Considering your daily lifestyle habits is also important — if you only live with one other person and don’t frequently have guests over, a three-piece dining set might be all you need. However, if your dining area is a hub for double dates, celebrations, or dinner parties, you’ll need a larger surface, with eat least four seats.

Whenever you plan on placing your dining set, remember to measure out the space beforehand. Even if it does physically fit in the space, you’ll want to remain conscious of going too bulky or close to your existing furniture. Here are the best space-saving table and chair sets on the market right now.


1. Best Choice Products 5-Piece Dining Set with Glass Tabletop

This dining set has an expensive look but costs a fraction of what designer dining sets do. With tall-backed faux leather chairs and a glass-top dining table, this set can comfortably seat four without taking up too much space. The chairs are lightweight but sturdy and sufficiently padded. Even though some people prefer authentic leather, this cruelty-free alternative is easier to wipe down, as is the water-resistant surface on the table.

Best Choice Products 5-Piece Dining Set with Glass Tabletop Courtesy of Amazon

2. Mercury Row Denham 2-Person Counter Height Dining Set

Mercury Row’s dining set for two is available at a counter-level height, featuring a faux marble top that adds elegance and warmth to any space. It’s trendy but timeless and features stylish built-in shelves to provide extra surface space and help you stay organized. The stools are upholstered and sit sturdily on a metal base that has a built-in footrest. It’s a beautifully functional pub set that’s ideal for any breakfast nook, kitchen, or dining room space.

Mercury Row Denham 2-Person Counter Height Dining Set Courtesy of Wayfair

3. Cord Industries Hairpin 4-Person Dining Set

With a retro-chic aesthetic, this hairpin leg dining set adds a minimalist sensibility that will earn compliments in any home. You can pick what kind of timber you prefer (i.e walnut, cherry, or oak) as well as the primary colors used. Buyers find that it’s their new favorite piece of furniture – most tables have bulky legs that people bump into, or that take up excessive space, but these hairpin legs have a lighter-than-air look and are easy to clean around.

Cord Industries Hairpin 4-Person Dining Set Courtesy of Etsy

4. Ivy Bronx Badillo 4-Person Dining Set

This modular dining set doubles as a place to socialize or eat and a storage space for dishes or whatever else you might need additional room for. The four ottomans can easily be tucked away underneath the table, and when uncovering the padded PU leather cushions on top, an empty space is revealed, providing a box to store goods. They even come with built-in handles so if you want to move them or stack them away somewhere, it’s a breeze.

Ivy Bronx Badillo 4-Person Dining Set Courtesy of Wayfair

5. Latitude Run 4-Person Dining Set

While benches don’t offer the same back support that dining chairs do, they offer the maximum amount of seating while taking up as little floor space as possible. That’s because when the benches aren’t in use, their backless nature lets you tuck them directly underneath the table, as this four-person dining set by Latitude Run does. A reviewer comments, “It’s definitely a small-scale table but perfect for our small family of 2 average-sized adults and two toddlers in a small house!”

Latitude Run 4-Person Dining Set Courtesy of Wayfair

6. Red Barrel Studio Floros 6-Person Dining Set

Utilizing corners in any space can be tricky. While not all furniture works with them, corners make the ultimate cozy dining nook, so you just need to find the right space-saving table and chair sets that are designed specifically for corners. With an eye-catching black and walnut color theme, this set offers seats both backless and with a full back. It can be used in either a right or left-hand orientation and even features hidden storage space beneath the seats.

Red Barrel Studio Floros 6-Person Dining Set Courtesy of Wayfair

7. Houchin 2-Person Dining Set

This oval-shaped two-person set reflects a streamlined and simple look while taking up a minimal amount of space. All corners feature a circular arc design that’s emphasized when the chairs are pushed in, and a curved seat surface makes for a more supportive sitting experience than regular flat seats. It can even fit on a balcony and be used as patio furniture, though it was designed for indoor usage. If you live in a studio apartment, this set is a must.

Houchin 2-Person Dining Set Courtesy of Wayfair

8. The Appel Shop Willow Small Dining Set

Craftsmanship is the wow factor when it comes to this charming space-saving table and chair set with a clean but farmhouse-inspired look. Made with genuine wood, it comes with two chairs or stools, and a bench which can be tucked underneath the table after usage to increase the amount of floor space. You can easily customize the number of seats or benches and the size of your table so that it truly works for your space and has a custom-made feel.

The Appel Shop Willow Small Dining Set Courtesy of Etsy

9. AmeriHome Loft Style Glossy Black Dining Set with Wooden Tops

Need to downsize your dining room or want to add another surface that won’t make the space too cluttered? This industrial-inspired set gets the job done while combining modern and retro in the best way possible, whether they’re in a dorm, kitchen, or loft. The bistro chairs alone are worth the investment, with their unique back and armrests. Buyers love that their no-mark feet prevent scratching on hardwood floors, and how the striking lines pair well with the wooden and glossy black accents.

AmeriHome Loft Style Glossy Black Dining Set with Wooden Tops Courtesy of Home Depot

10. Winsome Suzanne 3-piece Set

This Winsom table on wheels is the Transformer of dining sets — it comes with a built-in drop leaf to expand the size of the table, while hideaway stools tuck neatly underneath the table. There are two drawers with cutout handles that can hold napkins, placemats, silverware, and more. The push handle that helps you roll this useful table round also doubles as a towel rack. The wheels lock to keep the surface stable while you’re eating on it — there’s really nothing this table can’t do.

Winsome Suzanne 3-piece Set Courtesy of Amazon

11. Yokstore 5-Piece Dining Room Table Set

Yokstore’s square-shaped walnut dinette set consists of four stools and a sturdy table. It also contains a built-in wine rack beneath the surface, which can also hold fruit, snacks, utensils, or magazines. For tight rooms or small apartments, the stools can be stored beneath the table. Although this table has a lightweight look, it rarely wobbles, and if it does, it can be adjusted with small foam 3M pads, as one buyer did.

Yokstore 5-Piece Dining Room Table Set Courtesy of Amazon

12. Design Toscano Nettlestone Library Nested Table and Chair Set

Disguise your dining table as a timeless bookshelf accent piece with this Design Toscano nested table and chair set. When pushed together, it looks like a library, complete with realistic faux book bindings. Described as an “instant heirloom,” this cleverly masked set also contains storage beneath the seat cushions, as well as storage in the table base. Another perk: this kit comes fully assembled in protective packaging upon delivery, so you don’t have to put it together.

Design Toscano Nettlestone Library Nested Table and Chair Set Courtesy of Amazon

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