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This $8 Ring is The Grown-Up Answer to The Fidget Spinner

* This spinner ring is a fun adult alternative to fidget spinners
* To the normal eye it, looks like any other ring, however, the outside turns freely
* Ideal for occupying idle hands, relieving stress and distracting nail biters

If you have ever found yourself cursing the fact that you cannot participate in the fidget spinner craze that seems to have engulfed the younger generations, this spinner ring may be just what you’re after. No matter whether it’s because you’re “too old” or you simply don’t want to participate in something so popular with the young people, it doesn’t change the fact that having something in your hands to fiddle with can be wholly agreeable at times.


looks just like any normal ring you’d wear on your hands. But the secret of this ring lies in its free-spinning band. Where most people couldn’t help but notice when a person has a fidget spinner in their hands, this handy ring sits on your finger and provides hours of entertainment and distraction as you turn the outer band, all without drawing any unwanted attention.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

Spinner rings, which are sometimes known as “worry rings,” find their origins in ancient Tibetan meditation where they were used to provide a calming effect on the mind and body. This modern take is no different. It’s ideal for anyone with idle hands, ADHD or anyone who chews their fingernails. The process of spinning the band is great for lowering stress levels or keeping your mind distracted from other things going on.

This ring is made from premium, 316l stainless steel, which is anti-rusting, anti-allergic and scratch resistant. It’s available in a range of color options, including rainbow, gold, blue and rose gold, allowing you to match your ring choice with your fashion choices. The outer band has been produced using a special technique to ensure it spins smoothly for maximum enjoyment.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

Furthermore, each ring also comes in a high-quality velvet pouch, further making the ring a great gift idea for friends and family of a nervous or busy-handed disposition.

If you want a way to keep your hands busy without investing in a fidget spinner and running the risk of looking unprofessional in the office, try one of these spinner rings to free yourself from worry and busy hands while looking stylish, too.


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