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These Handmade Spreaders Will Be The Jewel of Your Kitchen

* Hand-polished agate handles
* Stainless steel blades
* Edged in 24k gold

These chic, beautifully-wrought spreaders from RABLABS combine a nature-inspired look with clean, modern elegance. With their polished agate handles edged in 24 karat gold, they’re stunning yet understated, bringing a sensibility to your cheese and charcuterie spread that is anything but well, cheesy.

The perfect antidote to the tired shabby chic look that still abounds in kitchens and dining sets, the RABLABS Fusio Spreaders pair the smooth elegance of stainless steel with unique polished semi-precious agate stone. Because they’re made from real agate, no two handles are exactly alike, lending a touch of exclusivity to these entertainment essentials. After all, if you’ve taken great care to showcase a plate of rare cheeses, why spoil the effect with drab and humdrum cutlery?

Handmade in India, the semi-precious stone spreaders ensure an arrangement that shines with as much of a statement as the food you put out. They’re right at home next to marble cutting boards and bottles of fine vintage, and make a great gift for weddings, bridal showers, housewarmings and birthdays.

With their gold edges and individualistic charm, these spreaders help make an impression as a host or hostess. They come as a set of two, and are approximately 5.5 inches long. The stainless steel blades make cleaning a breeze, and they pair exceptionally well with the highest quality boxes, napkin rings and cutting boards. Especially at home in a modern kitchen, they add a dash of natural beauty to any sleek and industrial-inspired interior.

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