The 2022 Spring Landscaping Guide, With Expert Advice From The Home Depot Team

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Spring has finally sprung, even if the weather is suggesting otherwise in some parts of the country. As a result, a lot of gardeners and homeowners are getting a late start to the spring landscaping season. If the time has finally come to revamp your landscaping for spring, there’s no better place to go for all things yard than The Home Depot.

With a little bit of planning and the right spring landscaping tips, anyone can successfully lay down fresh soil, plant new plants, and get your front yard and backyard in tip top shape. Whether you’ve got sprawling lawns or a small outdoor patio, there are plenty of options for sprucing up your outdoor spaces using greenery, flowers and freshly grown decor of all kinds. Brian Parker is the Senior Merchant of Live Goods at The Home Depot, and a landscaping expert we spoke to via email for all the outdoor tips this spring. He gave us recommendations for tools, plants and techniques for setting up your yard for success this spring and summer.

If taking on a new spring landscaping project seems intimidating, then you should know that it’s completely doable with just a few key tips and tools, all of which you can get at The Home Depot. They’ve got everything: from top-rated tools and plants you can order right to your home, to in-depth video guides to spring lawn care, front yard landscaping and creating a three-season garden bed.

No matter how big or small your landscaping project is, they’re here to help — and so are we. We’ve created a 4-part guide with our best spring landscaping tips, including some of our favorite must-have supplies from The Home Depot. Browse through our guide and your yard will soon be making your neighbors jealous in no time.


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Spring Landscaping Part I: Essential Supplies

No matter what kind of projects you have on deck, you’ll need to have a plan for weed control.

“The first step is to start anew by using Preen 31.3 lbs. Garden Weed Preventer; it stops weeds from growing before they start for up to three months. It’s safe to for use on your edibles and can be applied any time in spring, summer or fall,” said Parker.

Preen Garden Weed Preventer

Preen garden weed preventer, spring landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Fertilizer

This lawn fertilizer from Scotts is a favorite amongst The Home Depot experts. Turf Builder combines weed control with essential nutrients for a healthy lawn, and it’s made to kill dandelions, clovers, crabgrass and other common weeds. As it kills weeds, it also nurtures popular grass strains such as Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass and Tall Fescue, among others, and is made to be dispelled during the spring, when dandelions just begin to grow.

Scotts lawn fertilizer, spring landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot

Round-Up Weed & Grass Killer Plus Free HDX Sprayer

No matter what kind of projects you have on deck, you’ll need to have a plan for weed control. Round-Up is the weed and pesticide of choice for countless homeowners because it’s formulated to kill rugged weeds and give you the visible results you want as fast as nine hours. It absorbs on contact and can be used to prepare vegetable gardens, tree beds and other landscaping areas for planting.

Round-up weed killer, spring landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


Digz Gardening Gloves

First things first, you’ll need gardening gloves. Protecting your hands and wrists is crucial with any gardening or landscaping project, even just trimming the grass. These gloves from Digz are made of thick, durable, latex-free and breathable material. They also have dipped palms to give you a strong grip whether you’re moving the lawn or raking leaves. In addition, Digz also makes heavy-duty gardening gloves that are machine washable for added convenience.

Digz gardening gloves, home depot landscaping guide Courtesy of The Home Depot


Anvil L Wood Steel Transfer Shovel

A good shovel is another necessity when you’re working outdoors. Garden landscaping involves a ton of dirt, and this laser-cut blade is perfect for shoveling quickly and efficiently. The head is tempered for extra strength and the wooden handle is sturdy for good maneuverability.

Anvil shovel, garden landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


Anvil Wood Handle Trowel

A trowel is a necessity for planting in smaller planters or pots, or placing small vegetable seedlings into the ground with care. Garden landscaping means moving both large and small amounts of dirt, and this trowel will help you do the latter with precision.

anvil trowel, garden landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


DPC Raffia Lifeguard Sun Hat

Don’t forget about sun protection while you’re outside doing yard work. This sun hat from is made from organic raffia, has a large brim for protection against UV rays, and the adjustable chin cord keeps it firmly in place while you’re working.

Raffia lifeguard hat with chin strap, garden landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


POPULAR LIFE Washable Knee Pads

Garden and landscaping work requires a lot of hunching over, and work on your knees planting, sewing seeds, watering and completing other tasks. These washable, flexible foam knee pads are designed to protect your knees from soreness and are adjustable, so you can find a comfortable fit for long hours of work.

washable knee pads, garden landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


Earthgro 1.5 cu. ft. Black Mulch

Mulch is an essential component of most spring landscaping projects, and you’ll want to make sure you have enough for all of your needs. Now at The Home Depot, you can buy a large bag of Earthgro mulch for just $3.67. There is a limit of 75 bags per order, but this is a great chance to stock up on mulch for spring and summer. Simply place your order online and you can pick up your mulch at the nearest The Home Depot location.

earth guard mulch Courtesy of The Home Depot


Holland Old Town Blend Concrete Pavers

When you’re trying to upgrade your landscaping for spring, paving stones are one of our favorite tools. That’s because they can be used in so many different ways. If you’re up for a large DIY project, you can create an entire patio with pavers, but you can also use them to create pathways and separate different sections of your garden.

garden pavers Courtesy of The Home Depot


Greenes Fence Original Pine Raised Garden Bed

Do you want to ease yourself into spring landscaping? For homeowners that aren’t ready for a complex DIY project, a raised garden bed is the perfect solution. These pine garden beds give you a perfect playground for spring planting, and you can combine multiple garden beds together to create your own mini vegetable garden in an afternoon. These Greenes Fence Garden Beds are currently 21% off, although there’s a limit of five per order.

raised garden bed Courtesy of The Home Depot

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Part II: Inspect, Prune and Fertilize

Once you’re ready to start landscaping for spring, you’ll want to begin by inspecting the conditions of your current garden, backyard, front yard and outdoor space. As you move around your yard, this can also be a good opportunity to do some basic pruning and weeding. You’ll also want to prepare the spaces by spraying for insects, trimming edges and fertilizing properly.

Here are a few steps to get things ready for new landscaping projects:

  • Inspect all plants for dead branches, leaves, buds and flowers that need to be cut or trimmed.
  • Prune away anything that’s dead so new life can grow.
  • Collect branches and prunings into a pile for easy removal.
  • Check the pH and nutrient levels in your soil, and ensure it’s ready to support new plant life.
  • Use a weed killer or yank away weeds so they don’t hinder the growth of your new plants.
  • Finally, spread fertilizer as needed throughout your outdoor spaces.

Here are a few top landscaping products from The Home Depot to get you started with this step, along with expert advice from The Home Depot team:

Ortho Bug B Gone Lawn Insect Granules

“Don’t forget about the insects and pests that can do damage to your lawn and garden, as well as bite your family and pets. Ortho Bug B Gon Lawn Insect Killer is a granulated insecticide that kills bugs above and below ground,” said Parker.

“For best results, apply to your entire lawn with a spreader and water it to kill over 140 different bugs including ants, grubs, fleas and ticks.”

Bug-B-Gone insect killer, spring landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


RYOBI ONE+ 18V Cordless Battery String Trimmer

“The next step is to set your boundaries. Perfect the edges of the yard by using a RYOBI ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Electric Cordless String Trimmer to remove all overgrown grasses and weeds in those tough-to-reach places,” said Parker. “For those new to edging, has a step-by-step guide for How to Use a String Trimmer.”

RYOBI string trimmer, spring landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


Fiskars 5.5 inch Bypass Pruner

This small, compact, portable pruner is made to be comfortable and easy to use on small and medium plants. It has a 5/8 inch cut capacity for tackling stubborn stems and branches, and the cushioned grip makes it easier to hold.

pruning shears, garden landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


Hyponex 40 Pound All-Purpose Fertilizer

This fertilizer comes with a fast-release formula so nutrients are delivered to plants efficiently. You can use it to fortify soil for everything from your herb and vegetable garden to trees and flower beds. Parker noted that a key step in spring landscaping is to “rejuvenate and revitalize the yard with much-needed nutrients.”

Hyponex all-purpose fertilizer, garden landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


Bonnie Plants Harvest Select Raised Bed Soil

This organic, OMRI-approved soil for organic gardening is formulated to feed vegetables, fruits, flowers and other produce for up to two months. It’s perfect for use in raised garden beds and is great for starter plants that need extra juice during those first few months of sprouting. It comes ready to use so you can throw it in your garden right away, and has forest products in the mix designed to circulate air in the root zone to keep plants’ roots healthy.

bonnie plants soil, spring landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


Roundup Weed Killer for Lawns

roundup weed killer, garden landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


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Part III: Plant, Sew and Sprout

Now the fun begins. Once you’ve prepped your soil and mapped out your plants, it’s time to get some new greenery in the ground. No matter how big of an outdoor space you have, you’ve got options for how you can do it. The Home Depot has plenty of flowers, bushes, shrubs and plants that are great for framing walkways and porches, as well as trees for investing in long-term shade. They also have plenty of vegetable and herb plants for a garden, if you’re ready to flex a green thumb.

One Note About Annuals vs. Perennials 

When looking at gorgeous outdoor flowers, like the ones below, you’ll want to consult The Home Depot’s Outdoor Plants Center, which will walk you through the differences between annuals, perennials and other types of plants. Some are better suited for warmer climates with dry heat, while others prefer muggier summers and cooler springs.

Perennials are flowers that come back year after year, whereas annuals tend to one last one season. Take note of what sounds right for you and your home, and make design choices from there.

“Planting flowers in spring is the most popular time, but perennials do fine if planted in early fall in the north and late fall in the south. Roots will have already been established, allowing faster spring growth,” said Parker.

One Note About Climate Zones

A few of the descriptions below reference climate zones, which you can read about in The Home Depot’s Outdoor Plants Center. Each zone is differentiated based on the lowest temperatures it reaches in that location, as some plants are sturdier against the cold than others. Choose plants that fall into your zone for the best chances at success and growth.

Parker also recommends not planting flowers when it’s “especially hot.”

“An overcast day when rain may be in the forecast is ideal. Most flowers should be planted after your region’s last frost date. Early season annuals such as Cool Wave pansies and Sweet William dianthus can tolerate cooler spring temperatures and add an early splash of color to your yard as it comes to life.”

plant climate zones Plant climate zones based on lowest temperatures. Courtesy of The Home Depot

Proven Winners Grande Supertunia Purple Flowers

These annuals have gorgeous purple and green colors that really pop, and enjoy partial to full sun. They’re heat-tolerant, long-blooming and attract pollinators as well. They come in a large bunch you can plant in the ground or in a pot, depending on your space. They’re best suited for zones 10-11.

annuals, garden landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


5 Pot Southern Live Oak Semi-Evergreen Tree

This shade evergreen tree is large and spreading, and it’s relatively low maintenance too. It’s super adaptable to water and soil types, but it does need a large area for its roots to grow and spread. This tree is hardy down to about 5 degrees Fahrenheit, or zones 7-10.

southern live oak evergreen tree, garden landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


Southern Living Sunshine Ligustrum Privet Shrub

This shrub is perfect for planting in a front yard to frame a walkway or along the perimeter of a backyard to complement other colorful plants. These shrubs are salt and drought-tolerant and can grown in neutral soil. They resist deer and attract butterflies as well. They grow from spring to fall, and can thrive in containers or in the ground as a landscaping hedge.

Southern living bushes, garden landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


Bonnie Plants Super Sweet Tomato Plant

Be warned: if you plant a tomato plant you should be prepared to grow and eat hundreds of tomatoes. (Or, in the worst-case scenario, to make the local squirrel population very, very happy.) This plant should return season after season and is very easy to grow in the ground. It has tall vines you’ll want support for (more on that in a bit) and is disease-resistant as well.

“As people spend more time in their kitchen this year, we’re seeing “plant parents” expand their collection to include more edible plants. The Bonnie Plants Harvest Select Sweet Million Cherry Tomato Plant is a great way to start growing edible plants,” said Parker.

“They produce a big harvest that starts early and lasts all summer long. These bright red tomatoes look and taste fantastic in salads and on veggie trays for snacking.”

tomato plants, garden landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


Bonnie Plants Everleaf Emerald Towers Basil Leaf Plant

“A very popular herb this season is basil. The Emerald Towers Basil has an upright, narrow growth pattern that is ideal for smaller spaces and container herb gardens,” said Parker.

“Best of all, it has an extended growing season. Because it’s late to flower, you can enjoy delicious, fresh basil flavor in your pesto, bruschetta and salads all summer long.”

Bonnie plants harvest basil plant, spring landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


Bonnie Plants Hot Jalapeno Pepper Plant

If you like spice, a jalapeno plant should be in your garden. This one grows between two and four feet tall, and the fruits are ready to eat 72 days after planting. They require full sun and will yield plenty of fruits in a variety of climates.

Bonnie Plants jalapeno plant, garden landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


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Part IV: Water, Decorate and Tend

The last step in garden landscaping for spring and summer is preparing to water and tend to the plants you’ve added to your yard. You also might want to add various decorative elements, like rocks or mulch, to tie the whole design together. We’ve included a few top products below for irrigation, maintenance and adding extra ornaments to help your whole yard pop.

Proven Winners WaterWise Drip Irrigation System

You could go after a few plants with a watering can on a regular basis, but depending on how many plants you have that may not be feasible. This irrigation system from WaterWise can water up to 10 potted plants with just one faucet after setup. It reduces water consumption and the amount of work you have to do to make sure your plants are watered in the summertime.

proven winners waterwise irrigation system Courtesy of The Home Depot


RYOBI 40 Volt Brushless Self-Propelled Mower

Parker recommends using this RYOBI mower to “keep the lawn in tip-top shape all season long.”

It’s built with 40-volt 6.0AH batteries and a rapid charger for quick power when you need it. It also has SMART TREK adaptive variable speed for seamless trimming across your yard, and a cross cut multi-blade system for a clean trim every time. The brushless motor gives you powerful control and vertical storage means it doesn’t take up undue space in your garage.

RYOBI lawn mower, spring landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


Dura-Tel White Vinyl Cambridge Trellis

A trellis is a beautiful addition to any yard for both design and practical purposes. A trellis is a form of plant support, which some ivy-type plants need to grow optimally, tomato plants are a perfect example of this. This trellis is made of weather-resistant PVC vinyl and has pre-drilled holes that make it easy to assemble. It also includes ground anchors for sturdiness.

Dura-Tel white vinyl trellis, garden landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


Vigoro Bagged Premium Brown Mulch

This brown mulch is a brilliant accent for brighter flowers and is perfect for lining walkways. It helps the soil maintain moisture and stay temperature regulated on hot summer days. This one bag can also cover about 8 square feet at 3 inches deep.

Vigoro brown mulch, garden landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


Rain Forest Large Egg Rock Pebbles

These all-natural pebbles are another great accent to plants and greenery in your yard, and the color contrast they provide will draw attention to landscaping features. They also help soil maintain moisture and a consistent temperature, and they prevent soil erosion as well during big storms. The all-white color is a great backdrop for bright, vibrant flowers and they come in a bag designed for easy handling and spreading.

Rain forest bagged pebbles, garden landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


Kentucky Walnut Resin Wine Barrel

This barrel planter is perfect for patios or decks without access to soil, or for folks who prefer their flowers contained and easily movable. It has a faux wood barrel exterior for a rustic design and is lightweight, making it more portable and flexible. It’s UV coated to protect the color from fading and it’s weather and crack-resistant as well.

kentucky walnut barrel planter, garden landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


Mayne Fairfield Square Self-Watering Planter

If you want a more significant, proper planter this one from Mayne is heavier, sturdier and self-watering for substantial root growth. It has drainage holes for shedding excess water and comes in black, brown and white finishes. Its classic, sophisticated look is perfect for an entryway or for framing the corners of an outdoor sitting area, and is built durable for lasting throughout the seasons.

Mayne Fairfield self-watering planter, garden landscaping Courtesy of The Home Depot


Need More Spring Landscaping Ideas?

As we mentioned above, The Home Depot has everything you need for spring landscaping projects, and we’re not just talking about plants, tools and weed killer. At The Home Depot’s website, you can find hundreds of how-to guides and instructional videos that will help you plan out a DIY project from start to finish.

“Don’t be afraid to do a little DIY project! The Home Depot offers free, interactive livestream workshops ( where our expert associates can help you tackle your DIY projects, teach you how to care for different areas of your home and more,” said Parker.

So whether you’re looking for some beautiful flowers and planters or new pavers for your patio, literally everything you need can be found at The Home Depot. You can either order what you need and have it delivered directly to your front yard, or you can schedule a pick-up at a nearby location.


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