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Here’s Why This $25 “Bathroom Accessory” is Seriously Going Viral

* Elevates feet for easier your potty position
* Prevents kinking and restriction of the colon
* Doctor recommended & FDA registered

Admit it. You’ve never wondered if you were actually going to the bathroom the proper way. The Original Squatty Potty is here to make sure you excrete as nature intended. The way to do that is by elevating your feet on the Squatty Potty platform, pressing your belly to your legs, and letting all your dumping dreams come true.

Yes, laugh, it is after all, potty talk. But, there’s serious science behind this seemingly bizarre bathroom accessory. Your porcelain throne causes kinks that prevent you from fully relaxing your puborectalis muscle. As a result, when you sit down, you restrict your colon, which is stoppin’ your ploppin’. The Squatty Potty puts you in the proper position to prevent kinking and restricting.

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Yeah, it might be a little awkward at first, but soon, doing the #2 with this contraption will become second nature. While it may just seem like a gimmick, The Squatty Potty is actually doctor recommended for its ability to promote better bowel movements and it’s even FDA registered. It’s great for anyone looking to perfect their pooping game. It’s made of durable plastic and designed to last for years. It works with any standard size toilet and is available in two sizes.


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