These Squirrel Picnic Tables Give Your Backyard Critters An Adorable Place to Eat

squirrel picnic tables
Courtesy of Etsy

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When the human world and the animal kingdom cross paths, it isn’t always the smoothest of relationships. Sure, there are domesticated pets like cats and dogs which receive royal treatment from people in the form of the healthiest dog food and comfortable beds. But there are also pests, like wasps and rats, which are met with rodent traps and other methods of disposal. It’s safe to say the relationship isn’t as cordial. Then there are those animals in between which are welcomed by some, simply tolerated by others and occasionally built their own custom dining tables in the backyard. We’re of course talking about the viral quarantine trend of squirrel picnic tables.


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The Trend: Squirrel Picnic Tables

Squirrels are present in neighborhoods across the country, and tend to simply exist on the periphery of humans’ interactions with the natural world. They’re not as annoying as racoons or as charming as chipmunks. You don’t really mind them being there and you wouldn’t miss them if they were gone, but they still eat your bird food and make your dog go nuts. But one sitting at a mini picnic table munching on a seed for dinner? Forget about it. We’re in, and are buying these tiny dining areas in droves. What is it about animals doing human things that is so entertaining? This is anthropomorphizing at its finest, and we’re here for it.

What started as a quarantine hobby from a man in Pennsylvania went viral, and now people across the country are making and purchasing these small tables designed to give squirrels a comfortable place to enjoy a meal whilst being gawked at. If squirrels are going to be in your backyard, bothering your pets and eating your plants they might as well be adorable while doing it.


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How Do You Make a Squirrel Picnic Table?

Squirrel picnic tables tend to be made of simple wood cut into small, uniform pieces. Some have finish on the wood to protect it from the elements, and some are painted and contain other decoration.

They tend to be designed to attach to a tree or deck for stability, and some are made with containers for food or spokes for holding corn on the cob.

We recommend you avoid putting them right next to bird feeders or any other tempting food sources around your home you’d rather they not get into. This video contains a pretty thorough walk-through of how to build one.


1. CGDirtWoodCreations Mini Squirrel Picnic Table

This adorable tiny picnic table is made of cedar wood and designed to be mounted anywhere outside your home — including a deck railing, tree, wall or wooden fence. It comes fully assembled and ready to use, and includes a stainless steel bowl mounted to the table with holes in it so rain water can drain. There’s also a long screw mounted for holding corn on the cob, and you have the option to add a starter kit of squirrel food to your purchase.

CGDirtWoodCreations picnic table, squirrel picnic table Courtesy of Etsy


2. PuraVidaCreationsLLC Original Farmhouse Picnic Table

This squirrel picnic table arrives unfinished so you can add your own varnish or paint as a fun crafty project at home. It’s a simple farmhouse style picnic table that comes with little buckets on it for an extra $2, available in a variety of colors. The picnic table also comes with a screw for holding an ear of corn, and is designed to be mounted onto a tree for easy squirrel access.

the original farmhouse squirrel picnic table Courtesy of Etsy


3. ILakeTheLife Squirrel Picnic Table Feeder

This squirrel picnic table looks exactly like a miniature human picnic table, and comes with a wide eating surface and large seats for the squirrels. Each one is handmade in Minnesota out of natural pine wood and is 12″ x 8″ x 6″ total. The size is a tad large for a red squirrel and perfectly sized for a grey squirrel, and can be placed anywhere around your home.

ILakeTheLife squirrel picnic table Courtesy of Etsy


4. TractorBunkBeds Squirrel Picnic Table Feeder

This squirrel picnic table is made from red cedar wood and is naturally rot-resistant. So it should last for years no matter where you put it in your backyard. It can be placed on a deck or railing, and can even be mounted with a durable bracket to a tree or fence. You can add an optional mounted pail to the table surface or screw on a corn on the cob. This table is 10″ long, 9″ wide and 6″ tall.

TractorBunkBeds squirrel picnic table Courtesy of Etsy


5. American Heritage Industries Squirrel Picnic Table

This super simple squirrel picnic table is made from cedar wood and is designed to keep your squirrels and family entertained during warm weather. Cedar is a naturally weather-resistant wood that’s made to withstand the elements. The wood starts out rustic and will change color over time, and isn’t treated with any chemicals or layers that could be harmful to squirrels. Each table is handmade in Ohio and comes with a screw for a corn cob.

american heritage industries squirrel picnic table Courtesy of Amazon


6. Enclave Woods Large Squirrel Table Feeder

This brightly colored picnic table is made for feeding squirrels year-round and keeping them away from bird feeders as much as possible. It has a removable cup that sits in the middle of the table so it won’t get knocked over, and can be filled with any food your neighborhood squirrels prefer. There are screws at each touch point making it great for the outdoors and safe for critters to use since none of them protrude. Plus, the bright orange color adds life and fun to your backyard.

enclave woods squirrel picnic table Courtesy of Amazon


7. Merhoff & Larkin Outside Chipmunk & Squirrel Feeder

This adorable picnic table feeder is built to be long-lasting out of durable pine wood that ages nicely and holds up even after years of harsh colder seasons. This picnic table comes with pre-drilled holes so installation on squirrel-friendly trees is easy. All you need is a Philips head screwdriver and an afternoon free to explore and you’ll have a new critter dining spot in no time. The table is also designed with a screw in the middle for corn on the cob, and has a fun squirrel design on the backsplash.

merhoff & larkin outside squirrel feeder, squirrel picnic table Courtesy of Amazon


8. The Squirrel Shop Store Picnic Table Feeder

This is another brown cedar wood squirrel picnic table made with two adorable seats, a wall in the back for easy mounting and a corn cob screw in the middle. This table is smaller, so if you don’t have much space or prefer it take up less space on your tree this is a great option. The dimensions are 6″ x 6″ x 8 total and it comes ready to hang with pre-drilled holes for hanging.

the squirrel shop store squirrel picnic table Courtesy of Amazon


9. MIXXIDEA Squirrel Feeder Table

This solid, durable squirrel picnic table feeder is made of solid cedar wood and for mounting outside. Cedar wood is not as easily corroded as composite wood, solid wood or other common types, so it’s better for use outdoors. It’s got a solid triangle structure and two benches for squirrels to sit on. There’s a screw in the middle for fixing the food and a border along the edge of the table with 0.8″ of depth for holding in seeds, nuts and other food you don’t want spilling on the ground below.

MIXXIDEA squirrel feeder table, squirrel picnic table Courtesy of Amazon