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Eliminate Hand Odors With This Stainless Steel Soap

* Eliminates hand odors in less than 20 seconds
* Tackles fish, onion, garlic, even gasoline odors
* Stainless steel design lasts almost forever

Ever had it where you just couldn’t scrub a pungent odor off your hands? Maybe it’s onions, fish, or garlic. Perhaps it’s from holding cigarettes, or gasoline that splashed on your hands at the pump. Well, here’s a brilliant solution to eliminate those inconvenient odors when they happen – Zwilling J.A. Henckels Stainless Steel Soap.

You use it just like regular soap. Simply rinse under water and rub your hands over it. Soon, those unpleasant odors are gone.

The secret is Zwilling’s special matte-polish alloy stainless steel. When it combines with water and oxygen it neutralizes odors. That may seem crazy, but it’s true; in as little as 20 seconds, it absorbs all odors on your hands so they can smell fresh again.

To be clear, this is not a substitute for regular soap. You still need to wash your hands. But as we know, soap that sanitizes doesn’t always get rid of pungent odors. However, this brilliant innovation does. Use the two together and you’re bound to have the cleanest, freshest-smelling hands around.

And, because it’s made of stainless steel it’s going to last almost forever. Plus, it looks great sitting on your sink. This solves a problem we can all relate to — and a problem you’ll have no more.

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