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This 65-Piece Stanley Tool Kit Has Everything You Need For DIY Projects & Home Repairs

* 65-piece homeowner’s tool set
* Comes with a blow molded case that securely locks them in place
* Specifically designed with DIY home projects in mind

There will always be an opportunity to patch a wall, fix a toilet, assemble furniture, or create a DIY home project. That’s why everyone should have a tool kit in their garage or basement. Stanley is one of the most trusted names on the market, and their toolboxes provide everything you need when making home repairs.

Never call a handyman again with this 65-piece homeowner’s tool set. All tools are stored in a blow molded case that securely locks them in place. The Stanley wrenches, sockets, and ratchets included in this expansive set, are made from superior quality steel that exceeds ANSI standards. Their ergonomic handles have a thumb-trigger switch mechanism that allows you to safely maneuver the tools when working on complex projects.

Weighing only 7.3 lbs, the Stanley tool kit is also great for portability. These tools are specifically designed with DIY home projects in mind. The 16-foot measuring tape has a Tru-Zero end hook and polymer coating, allowing for accurate measurements. Both slip joint pliers and long nose pliers have strong and comfortable handles that are easy to grip, so you can reach the narrowest places. The 8-inch torpedo level is made of high-impact and durable ABS plastic. The fiberglass hammer is features an exclusive rim temper that lessens the risk of chipping.

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