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Take the Party to the Great Outdoors With the Stanley Stainless Steel Flask Set

Ideal for shot worthy occasions when carrying glass just isn’t feasible, the Stanley Stainless Steel Shots + Flask Gift Set contains 4 shot cups and is ready to help you out.

Whether you’re out fishing and catch a monster or you’re away for the weekend with a group of friends, this nearly indestructible set sits perfectly within your gear. Without worry, the flask and shot glasses provide a little extra kick for cold nights round the campfire.

Included in the set are 4 stainless steel shot cups, a stainless steel carrying case, and a stainless steel flask. It’s everything you need for a mobile party.

The set is available in two colors, hammer tone green and crimson. Perfect for trips away, the 4 shot cups are fully stackable and can easily fit into the carrying case, which can act as a fifth drinking cup when required. The carrying case also features a small hole in the lid, allowing easy attachment to your travel pack or even your belt.

The 236ml drinking flask features a leak proof lid and also sports an integrated lanyard to ensure you never lose the cap.

Cleaning is simple as the whole set is dishwasher safe. Plus it’s naturally BPA free, so you have no reason to be concerned.

The Stanley Stainless Steel Shots + Flask Gift Set is a made-to-last product which would be the perfect gift for a friend who loves the outdoors mixed with a little light drinking.

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