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This $20 Star Trek Door Cover Is a Total Mind Trip and We Can’t Stop Staring

* Brings the ambiance of a Starship Enterprise hallway
* Because everything is better in the Star Trek future
* The Next Generation in sci-fi room decor

Star Trek: The Next Generation. This series is perhaps pop culture’s last credible attempt at a hopeful version of science fiction. Everything is better in the Star Trek future: there’s a machine that synthesizes Earl Grey tea whenever you want, a smooth-talking Patrick Stewart solves political problems with empathy and linguistics, and AI’s aren’t out to steal your job – they’re just nerds who have cute cats and really want to understand dad jokes. All of this, plus the show’s medley of soothing space sounds make it one of the best bedtime TV shows known to geekdom.

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What better way to bring home some of Star Trek’s soothing ambiance than this trippy Next Generation door cover? Because if there’s one thing the Starship Enterprise designers really get right, it’s doors. Their transporter system might be unreliable, but their doors are the best. This door cover lets you decorate a door in your own quarters with the harmonious, well-designed corridors of the Enterprise. It’s a fun, unique piece of officially-licensed Star Trek: The Next Generation merchandise for under $20.

It fits over doors using elastic on the corners – much like a fitted bed sheet. And it’s designed to fit almost all standard door sizes. Take it off and throw it in the washing machine when it gets dirty – the material is super durable and will last you, well… generations.