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This $69 Star Trek Salt Lamp Is Controlled by a Phaser

* Stellar salt lamp based on “The Enemy Within” episode of the original series
* Features seven different light settings and real phaser sounds
* Makes a great gift for Trekkies everywhere

Set your phasers to awesome — this Star Trek Salt Lamp is out of this world. Based on the iconic

,” this hand-painted rock sports beautifully intricate details and looks like it time jumped right out of 1966.

What makes this mood rock really stand out is the different features and settings. With two cool modes, you’re able to pick and choose how to display your new favorite lamp. In “Survival” mode, you’re able to “heat” the rock by firing your remote (*ahem…phaser*) into the rock. And in “Atmosphere” mode, you’re able to turn this seemingly unassuming rock into a stationary light show.

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Image Courtesy of ThinkGeek

With seven cool color options, the ability to cycle through palate changes both gradually and quickly, and the ability to actually make those iconic phaser sounds, this salt lamp is enough to make anyone say, “Oh my!”

Made from extra durable ABS plastic, this rock runs on two AAA batteries (plus 4 AA batteries for the remote) and promises to be one of the standout pieces on any desk. No batteries? No problem. You can also plug the mood rock into any handy USB port for instant power.

Each mood rock also comes with a replica phaser remote, a Starfleet emergency survival blanket, charging cable and handy how-to manual. If you’ve been looking for the perfect gift for that Star Trek fan in your life, your long search is over.

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