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Use the Force and Chose Between the Darkness or Light…With This Darth Vader Clapper

* Two nostalgia icons together for the first time
* Clap on/ Clap off meets “the Force is strong with this one”

* Chose light, or darkness, with this Darth Vader-themed Clapper

Remember the clapper? For those of you who were not born sufficiently far back in the previous century to recall its iconic, dignified commercials, you may still have a vague sense from memes or sitcom references. Its tagline was “clap on/ clap off,” and the idea was that light switches were passé.

These sound-activated switches seemed almost magical, and later versions could be programmed to respond to different “cues,” like, a dog barking. It may not have replaced the light switch, but the clapper did inspire plenty of pop-culture nostalgia.

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Courtesy ThinkGeek

Now, at long last, the clapper is back, in the form of Darth Vader. With this Vader helmet-shaped clapper device, you can “use the Force” to turn your appliances on and off. You can even bring literal darkness down upon your roommates, just by clapping.

The power is in your hands, now…you and the clapper, side by side, can rule the galaxy of your home appliances and interior lighting. You can use it with your Star Wars-themed string lights or your Death Star disco ball, for maximum nerdiness.


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