I’m Got This Star Wars Lightsaber Lamp For My Desk and My Colleagues Are All Super Jealous

Lightsaber desk lamp
Star Wars desk lamp
Image courtesy of ThinkGeek

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* Lightsaber desk lamps
* Use the force… to find your post-it notes
* Choose between the light and the dark side (the dark side is also a lamp)

Sure, a desk lamp could be just a thing that puts some light onto your work space, a utilitarian thing whose main function is to shed light on other things. It could be just that, but your desk lamp could also be so much more. It could be this lightsaber desk lamp, for instance. Straight from the mythos of a galaxy far, far away, this lamp arrives at your desk not just to brighten the scene, but to give an unmistakable sense of space epic mis-en-scene. Have you ever wished you could light your work space with the dark side?

Lightsaber desk lamp Courtesy ThinkGeek

Well you’re in luck, because in the interest of bringing balance to the force, this light saber desk lamp comes in three varieties– Darth Vader style, Luke Skywalker style and if you’re feeling extra, there’s the Kylo Ren special with its weird extra blades. Are they still called “blades” when they’re made of light? We’ll have to ask Lucasfilm or ILM. Choose your weapon, chose the light or the dark side of the force. Either way, you’ll be able to see what you’re working on. The red LEDs of these light sabers provide a cool ambiance, too, giving some Imperial Star Destroyer bridge vibes while you work on your novel, your decompiler, or just hammer out some TPS reports.


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