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The Future Is Here: Wearable Sticky Notes Are Now a Thing

* Forgetting meetings, chores and important details is an age-old problem
* Try wearing these sticky notes for a reminder that cannot be ignored
* The watch-shaped memos make a great gift for a forgetful friend

Remembering things is tough, and forgetting about meetings, events and other important tasks is an age old problem. Leaving notes around the house, tying strings around fingers or even setting alarms on your smartphone are popular answers to memory problems, but they all fail in one way or another.

An alarm on your phone can be easily snoozed and ignored. Furthermore, notes around the house don’t work if you aren’t at home. But, what if you had to wear your reminder? Take your sticky notes with you with these Maad Wearable Sticky Notes, which provide a reminder that’s tough to forget about. It remains with you until you choose to throw it away.

Whenever you have an appointment, something to buy from the store or a friend to call back, simply take one of the memo bracelets and write down the task that cannot be missed. Then, wrap it around your wrist. Once you complete your goal, you can rip it away, knowing that you’ve finished all your important tasks… for now.

Each of the 100 notes included in the pad shaped like a watch to help your note look “natural” on your wrist. And while it may be noticeable to friends, the regular questions about “what’s that on your wrist?” will help to further ensure the task is not forgotten about. Or, for the more artistically talented, try filling in the watch face for an incognito reminder.

In addition, if it’s not you who’s the forgetful one, these wearable sticky notes make a fun gift for forgetful friends. You can even keep them on you in person person and hand them out to people in your office when there’s something important to be done. Makes a great office brainstorming activity too.

So if a tabletop notepad, phone reminders or those strings around your fingers just aren’t enough to jog your memory, give these fun, wearable reminders a try and never forget to call poor Aunt Mabel again.

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