Space-Saving Solutions: The SPY Guide to Adding Storage to Every Room

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* Options for the bedroom, under the bed, bathroom and more

Most of us aren’t blessed with a massive walk-in closet or a spare room to house our beloved shoe collection and other possessions we’ve accumulated over the years. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the best space-saving solutions for your bedroom, bathroom — even under the bed — for anyone looking to expand their storage space and stay organized.


The Best Bed Shelves and Caddies


Whether you’re in a dorm room or a tiny apartment, there isn’t always room for a great night stand, and that usually means spilling your glass of water on the floor, or losing your phone in the covers. The solution? Grab one of these affordable bed caddies, which offer handy additional and easily accessible storage for all your nighttime necessities, without taking space on the floor.

Bamboo Bedside Shelf by BedShelfie Image courtesy of Amazon

Bedside Manner: The 6 Best Bed Shelves and Caddies for Small Spaces


Space-Saving Laundry Bags


If you’re tight on space with nowhere to store a bulky laundry basket, we have a selection of laundry bags that save space. These laundry bags are especially useful for those who prefer options that take up a minimal amount of room. Our list includes off-the-ground bags, collapsible bags and hampers that have their own wheels for ease of movement. Whether you’re looking to gain a few extra feet of floor space around the bedroom or trying to encourage other family members to take to putting dirty clothes in a bag, there’s a space-efficient option for everyone.

Household Essentials Hanging Cotton Canvas Laundry Hamper Bag Image courtesy of Amazon

Lean Laundry: 7 Slim Laundry Bags For Small Spaces


Storage Space for Smaller Bedrooms


When maximizing storage for smaller bedrooms and living spaces, quick, easy and with minimal assembly is the only way to go. Just because you have less space to work with does not mean you have to make do with less; the key is to be smart about how you organize and maximize the space available to you.

Beautify Cream Vintage Style Steel Metal Storage Trunk Set Image courtesy of Amazon

Give Me Some Space: 6 Ways to Maximize Storage For Smaller Bedrooms


Storage for Your Headphones


We get it. The only thing more valuable than your computer, tablet, or smartphone is most likely your headphones. They’re an investment and they play a very important role in your day-to-day life. So, it’s important to keep them charged and in good condition with a proper stand. This Satechi Aluminum USB headphone Stand Holder offers a convenient way to do just that. Find out more information and shop in link below.

Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand Holder Image courtesy of Amazon

Sound Storage: A Handy Stand for Your Fancy Headphones


Unique Jars for Storage


In this age of mold-made cups and containers, don’t underestimate the enduring power of the mason jar. They’re multi-functional, and they add rustic charm to your kitchen or whatever space you’re using them in. Here are 7 great options with plenty of possibilities.

Aladdin 4 Pack 32oz Plastic Mason Jar Set Image courtesy of Amazon

Marvelous Masons: 8 Unique Jar Styles for Serving or Storage


Under Bed Storage


Steal some extra room around the house by maximizing your space under the bed. We’ve compiled a list of the best quality and most efficient storage options to provide you with an easy way to clear out those space killing items that are taking over your bedroom. Whether it’s your bulky skiing gear or your excess winter bedding, you’ll find it right where you need it when you start using these under bed storage options.

Sorbus Set of 4 Foldable Drawer Dividers Image courtesy of Amazon

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