String Lights Aren’t Just for Your Patio Anymore: Spruce up Your Pad With These 4 Sets of Lights

indoor outdoor string lights
lemontec string lights

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* Ambiance hacks for any occasion
* From movie night to date night
* Dimmable, multi-mode indoor/ outdoor lighting options

You don’t need to live in a rustic old house with a verandah to enjoy the cool vintage ambiance of string lights. These may make you imagine you can hear old folk songs playing in the background. Or maybe they make you imagine Zooey Deschanel popping out from behind a curtain to sing to some guy in a flannel shirt, but they can certainly be a great balance between too much and too little light in your apartment. Hate the cold florescent ceiling lamps your loft came with? Turn them off and use these string lights instead. Here are four sets that work as well indoors as out, in urban living as well as out in the country.


1. Addlon Indoor/ Outdoor Lights


These string lights are not only UL weatherproof but they also produce a warm, friendly glow that looks good in backyards and in “man caves” alike.

Addlon string lights Courtesy Amazon


2. Brightown 50ft Lights

With cool vintage spherical bulbs, this 50 foot set of string lights works well for creative decor, accent lighting, or even signage.

indoor outdoor string lights Courtesy Amazon


3. Ambiance Pro Edison Bulb Lights

These Ambiance Pro lights deliver a classic turn-of-the-century vibe thanks to their Edison bulb style design. The mellow 11W bulbs are dimmable and the whole set is rated for indoor/ outdoor use. They come as a set of two 24’ strands.

Ambiance pro lights Courtesy Amazon


4. Lemontec Industrial Lights

ETL certified and made with waterproof cords and sockets, this 48’ string light set is a great way to transform the ambiance of any room, deck, patio or yard. Set the stage for a romantic evening or light your pad for your next viewing party.

Lemontec indoor outdoor string lights Courtesy Amazon