Zipper Lube: The Key to Unlocking Your Stuck Zipper

Stuck Zipper Solution: M Essentials Zip
Photo by Bernd Kappelmeyer/imageBROKER/REX/Shutterstock (7479318a) Aluminum zipper from an old U.S. Army parka from circa 1952 VARIOUS
Photo by Bernd Kappelmeyer/imageBROKER/REX/Shutterstock

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* Protects and lubricates all kinds of zippers
* Easy to apply
* No odor and no mess

Have a stuck zipper? Not to worry. Zip Tech’s Zipper Lubricant will get you and your zipper un-stuck. It’s designed and formulated to protect and lubricate all types of watertight and airtight zippers. Just rub a little on your zipper and it will glide effortlessly – easy up, easy down. With jacket weather upon us, the Zipper Lubricant will come in handy to refresh and revive your clothes.

Zip Tech benefits any type of zipper. In addition to jackets, you’ll no longer have jeans or pants that you have to muscle along the zip track just to put on or slip off. It’s also great for toiletry kits, purses, wallets, bags and more. It’s quality field-tested and formulated to keep your zipper sliding and gliding even in the most extreme temperatures. No jams allowed.

Zipper lubricant Image courtesy of Amazon

The special secret formula includes ingredients that inhibit rust, resist corrosion, and repel dirt, sand and organic residue. It also helps protect against exposure to harmful chlorine, salt and pollutants.

This amazing goop even provides UV protection for nylon and plastic zippers. Who knew they were so sensitive? Even better, Zip Tech is non-toxic, contains no harmful paraffin, and is biodegradable. Plus, there’s no smelly odor to stink up your clothes. All you get is a handy, effective solution to one of life’s common problems.